Top Reasons for Enrolling Your Kid on a Self-Defence Class


Don’t we worry as parents every time our children go out on their own? The safety of our kids is always the topmost priority for us. We keep no stone unturned in making sure our kids are safe. Although the fact is we can not look after them forever and we must make them learn to take care of themselves. 

With the rising crime scenario around the world, it is the need of the hour to teach your child some self defence steps. Even at school, it can save your kid from lots of bullying. You can easily pick a self-defence class in Singapore where you can enlist your kids. Learning self-defence will enable your kid to save themselves from potential dangers.

How to use self-defence skills in your favour?

Self-defence is not about just knowing some moves, it is also about having mental skills to handle the attackers. No matter how agile you are, if you lack the courage and awareness, you will be unable to resist the counterattacks. 

The power to judge a situation and assess the surroundings is necessary to confront the attackers. Inferring a solution without panicking or losing calm is the sole purpose of self-defence. Only after checking how well they teach your child the mental skills, admit them to those self-defence classes for kids.

Some martial arts to learn that are apt for self-defence – 

Here are a few martial arts category:- 

  • Muay Thai – This is a great form of standing martial arts suitable for self-defence.
  • Taekwondo – The taekwondo moves are based on kicks. Though performed as a competitive sport it was initially developed for self-defence.
  • Judo – Moves like choke holds and locks can turn out to be deadly. 
  • Mixed Martial arts – In mixed martial arts, your kids will learn a combination of various moves. They can easily use these moves in their favour.

How can learning martial arts benefit your kid?

Help in boosting confidence – 

Children who are learning to gain control over their bodies and defend themselves from an early age will grow confident. These acquired skills of defence will give them the courage to stand up for themselves. It will provide them with the needed confidence to lend a hand to others in distress as well. 

Encourages to be more disciplined – 

It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to learn any martial art form. Self-discipline and respect taught in these classes will help them to become upright adults. It will also help the kids to focus better and stay motivated in other streams of life as well. Several parents have witnessed considerable improvement in their children after joining self-defence classes for kids like better orientation and focus.

Paves the way to a healthy body – 

Learning martial arts for self-defence fulfils the requirements of exercise. Regular exercise helps in improving your child’s overall health and fitness resulting in better reflexes. They will gradually develop strength by gaining muscle. Additionally, they will become agile with better hand-eye coordination. A healthy body will pave the way for healthy adulthood having fewer issues. 

Builds awareness – 

Martial arts classes prepare your child to recognise and take a practical approach to a dangerous situation. Raising awareness about both known and unknown sources of dangers is crucial. Let them know about safe and unsafe touches. 

We need to keep in mind that our children sometimes can face potential threats not from strangers but acquaintances. Moreover, it can help in situations of sudden hazards like a fire outbreak or any other accidents. 

Help to develop social skills – 

Many children taking classes together will result in natural bonding and friendship. Exposure to such group lessons will build social skills in children and help them to connect with others better. Martial arts classes are entirely based upon mutual trust and reliance. 

The children will fight each other for practice classes but they will always make sure to keep their partner safe. These classes will provide them with enough opportunities to bond, be kind and understand each other better.


Children are malleable and need proper guidance to shape their future better. Martial arts classes in Singapore can build the foundation of an agile, self-reliant human being. Apart from moral development, it will also help them to bring mental and physical stability to these kids.

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