Top WordPress Website Development Trends for 2022

Top WordPress Website Development Trends for 2022 (1)

WordPress is a popular CMS platform whose trends keep changing. It is among the developer’s most preferred choices because of its easy-to-use CMS, drag-and-drop functionalities, etc. As an open-source CMS, WordPress developers can fully use the existing theme, plugin, and widget options.

Although it is an easy-to-use platform, you will need assistance from a WordPress development company for an updated Website. Developers keep up with the latest trends, which is difficult for business owners.

Top 5 Trends of WordPress Website Development For 2022

WordPress is expected to grow more in the coming years as it keeps updating with the new trends and technologies. When you avail of WordPress web development services, you hire an expert to develop a feature-rich and market-ready website. In this blog, we’ll discuss top WordPress trends:

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice-based searches have been increasing over the past few years. Almost every website adds a voice search option to make its website user-friendly, and WordPress is not behind.

When you hire WordPress developer to build your website, they install a voice search plugin that allows optimization and maximizes the ROI.

  1. Chatbots Integration

As businesses are moving online in a large number, it has become essential to maintain proper communication with customers and visitors. You get a chat pop-up on almost every website you visit.

When you seek assistance from a WordPress web development company, they ensure to integrate the best chatbots as per project needs. It helps them offer easy and convenient customer support.

  1. eCommerce Solutions

Almost every CMS platform provides eCommerce solutions, and WordPress is no exception. It offers WooCommerce plugins to run online stores. The plugin provides an extensive range of features to enhance your website user experience, further increasing sales.

If you hire WordPress developers, they create storefronts using the best eCommerce technology.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality, popularly known as AR/VR, has become the new trend. With augmented reality, users can add digital elements like images, videos, etc., to communicate more effectively. On the other hand, Virtual reality enhances the visual experience of users.

When you hire WordPress developers, they integrate the latest AR/VR technologies to build eCommerce websites to offer a next-gen user experience.

  1. PWA Development

Progressive web apps are also an emerging trend in WordPress development. They work like native applications which do not need to be installed. WordPress easily allows the creation of such applications through ready-to-use WordPress plugins.

A developer can build PWAs to take speed and performance benefits from a WordPress web development company. They can use the best PWA framework that matches your project needs.

Wrapping Up!

WordPress is a widely preferred platform for building all kinds of websites, such as eCommerce, brand awareness, portfolio, etc. The platform updates new trends and technologies to provide a better customer experience. Various new trends keep coming; those mentioned earlier are some popular trends for 2022.

When you take professional WordPress web development services, the developers build websites while keeping current and upcoming trends and technologies in mind. Hence, they can quickly create a feature-filled, market-ready website for your business.

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