Transfer from Palermo Airport to the Center

Transfer from Palermo Airport to the Center

Palermo Falcone-Borsellino International Airport, also known as Punta Raisi , is located approximately 30 kilometers from Palermo, in the town of Cinisi. It is the most important airport in Sicily, but also in the whole of Italy, with a traffic of over 5,300,000 passengers per year.

Wondering how to organize your transfer from the airport to Palermo city center? Do not worry! We are here to guide you and make your journey easier!

In general, the airport shuttle is the most used and convenient way to transfer between the airport and Palermo city center, but there are other ways to organize your trip!

How to get to Palermo city center by bus

In the case of the transfer between the airport and the city center of Palermo, you will find a transfer service connecting the airport and the city center as soon as you leave the airport. The bus company Prestia-Comandè takes care of the passengers.

You will have a bus that leaves about every half hour from 4.30 to 22.30 . For a fee of €6 per person, the bus will drop you directly into the city centre. You can buy the ticket directly from the driver, online or at the airport ticket office.

Travel time will vary depending on the stop. E.g:

  • Via Belgio stop : about 20 minutes
  • Stop Via della Libertà : after 30 minutes
  • Central station: approx. 50 minutes

Transfer by train

You can arrange a transfer from the airport to Palermo city center by train. To do this, you will need to go to the train station. Punta Raisi located at the airport. This metro station serves the route to Palermo city center with the Trinacria Express train.

It will take you between 50 minutes and 1 hour to reach the Sicilian city. However, if you want to go further north, the journey will take an average of 40 minutes and you will need to get off at the train station.

The price of a train ticket is €5.90 per person. You can buy them at the ticket office or online at Trenitalia.

Attention Please note that at the moment, due to works on the railway line, traffic is temporarily suspended until further notice. For now, please use another means of transport to get from the airport to Palermo city centre.

Arrange taxi transfer

As in any airport, you have the option of taking a taxi to the center of Palermo. As soon as you arrive and leave the terminal, there are taxi ranks available that will be able to call you.

Don’t forget to set your route with the driver before getting into the vehicle and ask for a price estimate. The taxi will provide you with a more comfortable means of transport.

Book a taxi to Palermo airport with TaxiTender. This is an online booking platform for a reliable and affordable airport transfer. The driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area with a poster with your name on it. It will then drive you to exactly where you want to go. Cancellation is free. If you have an early morning flight booked at Palermo airport or simply prefer to take a taxi to the airport, this platform is ideal for this purpose.

And for more savings there is Taxi Sharing ! This involves sharing the taxi with other passengers to keep costs to a minimum. They are located at taxi stands and are easy to spot.

Another option is represented by the services of private drivers . They will also be able to take you to your destination, but the prices are quite variable and higher than the alternatives offered above.

Plan your transfer from the airport to Palermo city center by car

Where to sleep near Palermo Airport

The car is, of course, the most practical solution that will make you completely independent. For this purpose, upon arrival at Palermo airport, you will find several car rental companies.

Travel websites often offer car rental services when you book your flight online. For the transfer from the airport to the center of Palermo, you should expect to pay about 35 minutes (depending on the time of departure) for a journey of 33 kilometers .

A29 motorway towards Palermo, then E90 Viale Regione Sicilia Nord Ovest.

Please note that if you choose this option to get to the center of Palermo, an article about where to park in Palermo as well as how to avoid scams when renting a car might be of interest to you!

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