Treat Your Spider Veins Quickly And Effortlessly With The Help Of Thermavein


The circulatory system of the human body is a complicated network of veins and arteries that are ultimately connected to the heart. As blood flows through the blood vessels, there is a one-way valve that ensures that the blood is flowing in the right direction. Problems arise when this one-way valve gets damaged. The blood cells start to accumulate in the damaged region causing the vein to expand and bulge. Termed spider veins or thread veins, this medical condition can lead to severe cases of varicose veins in the future where the discomfort is a lot more. Varicose veins manifest in the form of swellings and blood clots that can be quite painful.

How Can You Get Better?

Thread veins often crop up in areas like the face and the lower limbs. Since they can occur due to stress, the hustle and constant pressure of daily life also might end up playing a key role in their occurrence. However, if you are suffering from thread veins and are concerned about healing, worry not. Thermavein treatment is the latest breakthrough in this field that can effectively remove the spider veins completely. What’s more, the chances of their recurrence are also at a minimum. So read on to find out more on Thermavein spider vein treatment.

The Actual Process:

Thermavein treatment involves a very thin probe or tine needle being inserted in the damaged vein. A short microwave pulse, normally of 0.2 seconds is passed through the probe. The heat generated by the pulse seals up the vein through thermal damage and forces the blood to start flowing from the pool. If there are multiple spots, then the same technique is carried out repeatedly to fix the damage along the entire vein. 

The Safety Factor:

What makes ThermaVein so widely popular is that the side effects of this treatment option are minimum. You could get your appointment today, walk in into the clinic, get your vein treated and carry on with your day like usual. The only side effects that you might experience are light scabbing and the area might remain swollen for a couple of day’s right after the treatment. Thus the ThermaVein treatment is absolutely safe and highly recommended. 

The After Care:

The only aftercare that you need after Thermavein is a good sun blocking cream. Sunscreens shield your skin and they can are particularly useful in the post-operative period. The only thing you need to remember is to not expose the treated area directly to the sun. Applying sunscreen is, therefore, a must for proper healing. In cases where you see the skin getting flaky or scabby, Vaseline and petroleum jelly are enough. 

Thermavein treatment for spider veins has been accepted in most wellness centers worldwide and can be a very potent treatment alternative for treating the condition. The treatment is not painful at all and the only discomfort that you might experience is similar to that of an ant bite or a hair being plucked. In most cases, it is so fast that the patient hardly understands. Unlike laser or diathermy, ThermaVeins is a lot more trouble-free and unexacting mode of treatment. Therefore, without waiting get your spider veins treated painlessly today!

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