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Uber is putting the flourishing and security of our whole area. While a primary number of our rider success highlights are extraordinary, we’ve accumulated a speedy once-over of a piece of the Uber application highlights we put in a position to ensure you’re driving securely in Dubai.


They see how basic it is for their safe driver Dubai monthly and their families and partners to participate in the concordance of the brain, so we use top-level GPS following to ensure that there’s dependably a record of your outing and your course. You can, besides utilizing the ‘Offer My Trip’ elective, like the riders send Status’ choice. You can pre-set the contacts you might want to give your outing to with the objective that it’s beginning and end, aside from one second to tell them when you’re on another trip.

Find support from UBER help.

All Uber monthly safe drivers in Dubai have speedy and fundamental consent to our help bundle, including a 24-hour helpline for any frantic issue you could knowledge. Whether you go against explorer lead and need to report an episode, ask on your profile, or utilize the application, you can contact our social affair plainly through the application. Go to the Help segment and nearby articles on a primary number of our as regularly as possible introduced demands, and you’ll see a decision to contact the social event. You can similarly find help by going to the Uber partners site.

Is there any breaking point for UBER drivers?

One of our most basic highlights is the driving hours limit. Undoubtedly, it influences occurrence rates getting out and about. To help with impending exhaustion and loss of fixation, our technique is that no Professional driver in Dubai ought to drive for over 12 hours. All outgoing time combines any time you’re on the web and moving, when you’re making a beeline for a get and when you’re out traveling. Following 12 hours, all super’s partner drivers should require a 6-hour moderate break to ensure they’re appropriately restored ceaselessly before persevering through any new rides.

 Uber needs your whole neighborhood to have a conviction that everything is excellent and secure, which is the clarification we utilize a two-way evaluations framework for both partner drivers and riders. Before you get an explorer, you’ll have the decision to see their rating, which is made up by averaging the scores given by past partner drivers. Around the finish of the outing, you can add your score. Any evaluation you leave is entirely bizarre, and the rider will comparatively get the chance to leave you a rating, which gets considered alongside your general rating.

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