Valant EHR and Its Features!

Valant EHR

Valant EHR and its features are a comprehensive healthcare practice management system. It has many features, including scheduling, clinical notes, a patient portal, productivity reporting, and billing & invoicing. It also includes a suite of clinical tools for the prescriber, including screening questionnaires and ePrescribing.

Valant Pricing:

Pricing of Valant EHR has not yet been announced on the company’s website, but the software is likely to be comparable to many other newer EHR solutions. It will cost between $200 and $250 per user per month on an annual contract, and it is HIPAA-compliant. The company was founded by David Lischner, M.D., and has 67 employees in Seattle, Washington.

Valant’s workflow is still a bit of a challenge to learn, and the user interface doesn’t always make it easy to find data related to a given subject. But the company has made significant efforts in this area and recently received more funding to make its workflow more user-friendly.


Valant EHR is a web-based solution that combines several essential medical functions in one platform. It offers a centralized location to store patient records and a robust prescription management system. It also features built-in alerts and reports, and an extensive library of evidence-based practices. Valant’s flexible workflows allow users to choose from a variety of features, depending on their practice’s needs.

As a behavioral health practice management solution, Valant is designed to improve administrative and clinical efficiency. Built-in features, such as built-in outcome measures and billing, and clinical documentation tools allow clinicians to improve their workflow and patients’ experience. In addition, the software supports multi-user capabilities and an API to connect with third-party systems.

Documentation workflow:

If you’re looking for an EHR that is easy to use, Valant is a great choice. The software offers a full suite of features for practice owners, billers, and office managers. It also allows flexibility for Telehealth visits. The EHR also uses data to help track progress, and its comprehensive library of rating scales and measures helps you make informed decisions about your patients.

Valant’s documentation workflow is designed to streamline the process of documenting patient encounters, saving your time and reducing errors. It automatically pulls in data from your patient chart, progress notes, and phone notes to automatically generate text narratives. You can even reuse notes from previous visits.

Client Portal for Valant EHR:

Valant has added a client portal to its EHR suite, which allows doctors to send their patient’s intake documents and check-ins on their mobile devices. This portal also allows patients to complete their own intake forms, which helps reduce the need for paper forms. Users can also send initial assessments, which can be useful during intake. The client portal also comes with a calendar interface, which allows users to filter patient appointments by day, week, or provider. Users can change their appointments through the calendar, although it syncs only one way.

Using the Valant patient portal can increase productivity and efficiency in your office. This software will automatically populate patient records and streamline documentation. In addition, the portal will allow patients to complete questionnaires online and have their responses summarized for you. This allows you to spend more time with your clients.


Using Valant’s full-featured reporting center is a great way for mental health practices to enhance their business operations. The reports help providers track client progress and identify areas for improvement. They also provide valuable insight into trends and the demographic makeup of their target population. These reports can help practices track their referral rate and identify potential marketing opportunities.

Valant’s reports can be customized to fit your practice’s unique workflow. Its comprehensive database of information is ideal for practice owners, physicians, office managers, and billers. It also supports Telehealth, which can be a huge benefit for your practice. The Valant EHR uses data to measure and monitor patient care, with a wide variety of patient rating scales and measures that make it easier for you to evaluate progress.

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A cloud-based behavioral health solution, Valant EHR offers features for outpatient solo and group practices, including integrated billing, e-prescribing, telehealth, and patient engagement. It also offers robust practice-wide reporting tools. The software’s scheduler can manage multiple provider calendars and mark attendance. It also has features for launching telehealth sessions and documenting them.

Valant’s Provider Productivity Report analyzes the productivity of individual providers on a monthly basis. It helps identify months when productivity is disrupted and provides solutions for those months. It also lets managers enter productivity expectations for a particular provider, which can help them make professional development decisions. In addition, the Productivity Benchmarking Report lets managers compare the productivity of providers based on their cohort.

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