Vastu Shastra For Homes — Signs You Must Look Out For

There are several ways of balancing Vastu shastra for home, but many of us might not even see the need to do that. The modern world thinks of Vastu as superstition. They think the problems they have in life can be solved with modern practices.

Not saying that it’s wrong, but if the root cause of your problems is the effect of the Vastu doshas at your home, why waste money, time, and energy someplace else?

Vastu shastra is a science that controls almost 25% of our life. It is about our environment, about the five core elements – air, fire, water, space, and earth.

Vastu ensures the wind and the sun’s healing energy help you live a life of positivity, comfort, wholesome health, loving relationships, and abundance.

But how will we know that we need to balance the energies of our house? How will we know if we have any Vastu dosha? What are the signs of an imbalanced Vastu in our house?

Keep reading as we’ll answer these questions in this article today.

Signs That You Need The Help Of Vastu Shastra For Your House

  1. You Feel Unexplained Discomfort

It seems okay if you feel uncomfortable in a house that lacks facilities. Maybe some family members are unhealthy, you have poor finances or even too many conflicts in relationships.

But what if you have none of these?

We at Vaastu Devayah Namah have had many clients who are wealthy, healthy, and surrounded by love, yet they feel uncomfortable in their houses. In most cases, this is a new house they shifted to.

The unsaid, unexplained discomfort can keep you stressed. And that can lead to many health and career-related problems.

  1. Never-Ending Life Issues

Did you know that if the direction of your home’s entrance is even wrong by a few degrees, the house becomes vulnerable to negative energy?

Let’s say you have a north-facing house. If it opens slightly to the west, it increases the probability of your home burning in fire.

There’s another particular angle where if your main door opens, you will have more girl children than boys. This can be good news for some and bad for others.

Another north-facing angle is such that the ladies of the house will often have unconventional thought processes. They will break rules, not follow family traditions, and would often be the reason for conflict in the house.

You may even face money troubles if the entrance doesn’t open precisely in the north.

Now imagine – if you can get so many issues in your family just because of a slightly wrong angle of the entrance, how many other problems would you have if there are several Vastu doshas?

Not focusing on the Vastu for your home can cause:

  • Health issues:

Say you have a chronic disease like obesity. And it leads to more health conditions like PCOD, diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, and whatnot. The issue might be the wrong placement of the kitchen.

  • Relationship troubles:

One of our clients had a tough relationship with their spouse, which got fixed by sorting the Vastu doshas in their home’s northeast direction.

  • Tension in the workplace:

Using Vastu shastra for your home makes sure your house is capable of helping you release your work stress. If your house isn’t capable of doing that, tensions will rise and create trouble in the workplace.

  • Stress in social relations:

One of our clients was finding it tough to marry their daughter because their kitchen stove was in a slightly wrong position. Even their neighbors thought of them as arrogant, but after fixing the kitchen, they found it easier to connect with society.

  • Money troubles:

Say you have a good income but aren’t able to utilize and invest it well. If your money often gets wasted on parties, medical bills, failed business, etc., you may find it effective to keep a bowl of money near your main door. It will help bring the positive energy of wealth into the house.

The gist is this.

If you have any troubles in life, from health to relationships, you may need to use Vastu shastra for your house. It will make your home and family immune to any life problems.

Keep An Open Mind With Vastu Shastra For Home.

A lot of Vastu imbalances can create a lot of problems for the members of your house.

But you don’t have to wait till this extreme condition happens.

If you keep an open mind, you will notice the little signs and listen to the messages that your house sends you every day.

Just like your car reacts even when the steering is misaligned, just like you get a fever when a virus enters your body, your house reacts.

It may not be clear to everybody, but if you look out for such reactions you will know.

For instance, do you feel the negative energy when your entrance door makes a creaking noise? Do you feel a positive energy flowing in when the windows are open? Do you feel stressed when you see a broken item in the house?

Look out for more such feelings, and you will at least get an idea that something’s wrong. You don’t have to identify what’s exactly wrong. A Vastu expert will do that for you.

Summing Up

The main purpose of the house is to protect you and provide you with peace, comfort, and security. If you don’t feel these things when you stay in the house, that’s an indication that something’s wrong.

If your negative feeling is too strong, you may have too many Vastu doshas. So make sure you don’t take the risk of depending on the incomplete information provided on the internet. Talk to a learned Vastu expert and follow their guidance to see quick results.

You must have faith in Vastu shastra for your home issues if you want to get rid of them.

Know that restoring the alignment of anything that’s misaligned will help ensure that that thing serves you better and brings you the benefits you seek.

The list of signs your home can give you is endless. Like how your body gives you different symptoms for different health issues, your house does too. We need to keep our minds open to point out that symptom when it occurs instead of waiting for things to go wrong.

Found a sign that something in your house is wrong, according to Vastu shastra for homes? Talk to the expert Vastu consultants of Vaastu Devayah Namah today!

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