How to get new zealand visa ELIGIBILITY?


Can you move to New Zealand? can your application meet Immigration New Zealand’s criteria? will your occupation feature on a Skills In Demand list? take away the uncertainty and find total peace of mind with licensed New Zealand immigration consultants and a reimbursement guarantee. as a result of we have a tendency to perceive |that each} person or every family has completely different things, our team of professional immigration advisors is devoted to assisting you to create your move towards your new life in New island incredible, stress-free expertise. allow us to assist you to accomplish your goal by taking care of the New island immigration method. Our eligibility assessment helps the North American nations perceive your scenario and you want higher.

Why take AN eligibility assessment?

You will be allotted a private licensed authority to assess your eligibility to maneuver to New island, and supply you with a roadmap to success containing that NEW ZEALAND VISA ELIGIBILITY you qualify for and the way to attain your goal of a replacement life in New island.

Not solely this, however, you furthermore may gain access to SmartMove, packed with valuable tools and data. As presently as you recognize you’re eligible, you’ll be able to access our approved job vacancies and helpful guides like the way to write your CV for the New island job market.

Have any queries or queries? Contact our team of immigration advisors for additional info.

Eligibility below the settled, mean or scarce streams

You must have met the standards on the twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021 and on the date you submit your application. you’ll be able to air a special eligible work visa than the one you stayed twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021 on the date you apply for the 2021 Resident Visa.

To be eligible you must:

have been in New island on twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021, and

be on AN eligible visa on twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021, or have AN application submitted for AN eligible visa on twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021 that was later granted.

You must additionally meet one in every one of these 3 criteria:

(‘settled’ criteria) have lived in New island for the past 3 or additional years, or

(‘skilled’ criteria) earn at or on top of the median wage (NZD $27 per hour), or

(‘scarce’ criteria) add a job on a scarce list.

If you meet the standards for eligibility however were in Australia on the twenty-nine Gregorian calendar month 2021 and were unable to come back to NEW ZEALAND VISA ONLINE by that date, you will be thought of as eligible however you want to be in New island after you apply.

If your health has modified, otherwise you were antecedently assessed as not having a suitable commonplace of health, you want to give a replacement restricted medical certificate.

If square measure|you’re} applying in part one or are ready to build AN early application to part a pair of, you want to give a medical certificate along with your application. you have got till thirty July 2022 to create your application.

If you’re applying in part a pair of and don’t seem to be one in every of those ready to apply early, you’ll be applying victimization our increased Immigration online system. this implies you’ll be ready to apply even though you have got not been ready to get a medical certificate before you begin your application. If a medical certificate is needed, you’ll be asked to supply one later. If you have got been ready to get a medical certificate before you begin, INZ can have this info and you’ll not get to offer another one.

Immigration New island could request additional health info if needed.


If you need a replacement medical for your 2021 Resident Visa and can be applying for a replacement temporary visa before submitting your application you ought to get a general medical checkup. A restricted medical won’t fulfill medical needs for many temporary applications.

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