Wedding Flower Checklist: What Do You Need and When

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Finding the right wedding flowers Singapore is one of the most fun aspects of wedding preparation. They’re a lovely, organic, and simple way to decorate your venue, your wedding party, and everything in between. But they also consume a sizable portion of a wedding budget. 

Bring a list of all the arrangements you wish to have at your wedding if you’re meeting with your florist shortly.

This could only be flowers and table decorations for some. Other couples might choose to decorate the area with an abundance of flowers. This wedding flower checklist can assist you in taking into account every form of wedding flower arrangement that is readily available to add for your “I do’s,” regardless of the floral style you have imagined.

How should you select your Singapore wedding florist?

Choosing your wedding bouquet flower delivery Singapore is one of the most fun and significant tasks on your wedding to-do list. Finding a trustworthy and experienced wedding florist will be essential in assisting you in realizing your vision for your special day, but it may be a difficult undertaking, especially if you don’t know where to start looking. To assist you in choosing the ideal wedding florist, we have gathered these useful recommendations and suggestions.


You should start looking at wedding florists around a year before your wedding.

Ask your newly married friends or relatives for ideas if you’re getting married locally, or try to find a florist who has expertise in decorating your location. A great place to meet the best wedding florist Singapore and view samples of their work without scheduling a formal consultation is at wedding fairs.


For comparison purposes, most couples plan meetings with at least two or three florists to discuss styles, costs, and personalities. Make appointments to see your shortlisted florists once you’ve reduced the number on your list.

Ask them to show you their portfolio so you can view examples of their prior work and any testimonials from previous brides in addition to talking with them about your vision for your big day. You should be able to tell quite immediately if they are the correct florist for you.

Get Ready:

Bring ideas with you when you have your initial meeting with a florist. Take magazine clippings, pictures of the location, and swatches of the fabric for your dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses without hesitation.

It’s beneficial to have a clear idea of what you want and don’t want since, if a florist is aware of your preferences and financial limitations, they can add value to the process by offering their recommendations based on their knowledge of flower varieties and costs.

Take a notepad with you so you may record what you talked about as a reminder for later.

Wedding Flowers:

Given that it will be photographed throughout the day, the bouquet is undoubtedly one of the most significant flowers for your wedding. This is the bouquet you get if you’re going to indulge. The flowers of the bridal party will also be captured on camera. If you want to save money, there is nothing wrong with keeping things basic.

Bigger does not always equate to more costly. The price will go up due to the cost of the exact fresh flowers you select.


Boutonnieres are a simple method for couples to complement one another and the color scheme of the wedding. You don’t have to worry about going overboard because these are normally smaller. Two or three flowers would do if you like basic boutonnieres. Any boutonnieres worn by the bridal party are also covered by this.


Floral aisle markers at the beginning and end of the aisle can be the ideal solution for you if you want to beautify your ceremony venue without spending a fortune. This is a simple method for giving a room a decorative appearance without becoming overpowering. This is also the best option if you want a detailed backdrop because it won’t detract from the design.


Flowers for the backdrop will provide the perfect setting for your vows. You want to make sure that you adore them because they will appear in every photo taken throughout the ceremony. There are many various methods to do it, such as flower arches, chuppahs covered in flowers, and ceilings decorated with hanging flowers.

Many more inventive backdrop choices exist that don’t require flowers if you’re trying to cut costs on your wedding day. This is completely a matter of taste.

Flower Petals:

You can give your guests fresh flower petals to fling during your wedding ceremony departure after saying “I do” and walking down the aisle. Even though throwing petals make for interesting images, it’s not necessary. During the recessional, you can also utilize streamers, bubbles, leaves, or just have the audience clap.

Bar design:

There’s a strong probability that many of your guests will spend the majority of the evening at the bar if there is one at your wedding. Adding some flower arrangements as a personal touch is a great way to make it stand out. Utilizing flowers from your ceremony area is among the simplest and most cheap strategies to do this.

Centerpieces for tables:

During the reception, guests will pay close attention to your centerpieces. They will be the focus of your visitors’ attention while they dine and mingle all night long. As a result, you’ll probably spend the majority of your floral money on these items.

You should also take into account your sweetheart table. To make their sweetheart table stand out, many couples decide to choose floral arrangements that are different from the centerpieces. Try a lengthy flower garland for your table, for instance, if all the tables have big floral centerpieces. By doing this, you combine your flowers and distinguish the tables.


Many couples overlook the cake while calculating their floral budget. When planning your wedding, make sure to discuss your cake’s floral preferences with both your baker and your florist.

Additional wedding flowers:

Making a wedding fully your own is one of the nicest aspects of wedding preparation. This implies that you have a say in the kind, color, and size of flowers you use. The floral arrangements we mentioned above are often the more conventional ones used at weddings. But there are no restrictions!

Here are some other flower varieties to discuss with your florist:


Any hairstyles or accessories you wear will appear in every wedding photo, much like bouquets and boutonnieres. Therefore, include it on your wedding flower checklist and discuss it with your florist if you want flowers in your hair. Determine how to include your hairstylist and florist so that the flowers look their best throughout the whole day.

Guestbook Desk:

The guestbook table will be a well-liked location for your guests as they enter your ceremony, throughout dinner, and during the reception, along with the bar. A few arrangements are a quick and simple method to quickly spice up the table. To save money, you might reuse the flowers from the wedding ceremony on this table as well.


A wedding includes a lot of signage, from seating charts to welcome signs. While adding flowers to signs is not required, it is a simple way to make a useful piece of décor stand out.

It’s time to visit your florist now that you have a wedding flower checklist for your big day! Make sure your mood board is assembled and ready for discussion before your session.

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