What caused car accident: Top 10 reasons

What caused car accident: Top 10 reasons

I assume the reason you are here is that you were involved in a car accident while driving. And now you’re wondering how that mishap occurred.

Car accidents can involve several factors—so, several reasons. Besides, car accidents are one of the most common types of accidents.

Let’s investigate the potential causes of the accident. Note that the result is based on car accident Saskatoon trends and incidents.

Top Reasons for Car Accidents in Canada?

Here are some leading reasons for car accidents.


On the road, you have probably seen this—many drivers go 10, 20, and even 30 mph over the posted limit because they don’t care about it.

Speed kills, and exceeding the speed limit is a way to get into a car collision. And the faster you go, the slower will be your reaction time. As a result, you will fail to prevent the accident.

Reckless driving

Driving carelessly could result in an unexpected car accident. That is what frequently occurs to negligent drivers who speed, make abrupt lane changes or tailgate other vehicles.

Be extremely careful with aggressive drivers because they are inclined to reckless driving due to their impatience in traffic.

Driving while intoxicated

It is common to drink alcohol to celebrate special occasions. But when combined with driving, it turns a happy occasion into a sad one because dizziness impairs eyesight.

In addition, alcohol reduces fear and encourages people to take chances. When driving, all these factors result in fatal collisions.

Distracted driving

While driving while distracted may seem insignificant, it surely can result in serious accidents. And both external and internal distractions are possible.

You see—using a cell phone while driving is the biggest distraction because the larger region of the brain is used for driving skills, while the smaller half is used for phone conversations.

Consequently, response times and judgment skills are hampered by this brain division. In the end, an accident takes place.

Not wearing safety gears

It’s illegal to drive a four-wheel vehicle without a seatbelt. And two-wheeler drivers are also required to wear helmets.

Studies show that—in a serious collision, wearing a seatbelt and a helmet increases your probability of survival by two times. So, everyone needs to wear safety equipment to keep themselves unharmed and secure.

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Red light jumping

Vehicles frequently pass through intersections on the road without regard for the signal. Saving time is the primary goal of red light running.

Most people believe that stopping at a red light is a waste of time and fuel. Studies have demonstrated that when all drivers correctly obey traffic signals, commuters save time and arrive at their destinations safely and on schedule.

A person who runs a red light puts not only his life in danger but also the safety of other drivers. By encouraging other drivers to try it, this one driver’s action ultimately leads to chaos at the crossing.

Unsafe lane changing

There will always be a point when you have to switch to another. Car accidents frequently result from improper lane changes made by drivers.

If you don’t use your turn signal, check your blind areas, and move cautiously into the next lane, it is possible to face a road accident.


Many motorists drive so closely to one another’s vehicles. So, the drivers in other vehicles can’t respond in time if the vehicle in front of them abruptly brakes. One driver dangerously tailgating another at high speeds contributes to tragic car accidents.

One can avoid these collisions by providing the automobile in front of you with a one-car-length buffer for every 10 mph you travel.

Road rage

For one reason or another, everyone has felt irritated toward another driver. But some drives allow their rage to consume them.

They either drive past another driver while tailgating them or tailgate someone while speeding past them before braking. These “road rages” result in several automobile accidents.

Tire blowouts

Tire blows out for debris or clutter. Tire blowouts are particularly dangerous for larger vehicles like semi-trucks. Since they are heavy, it can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle.

You can probably prevent a major car accident if you try to maintain control of your car and pull over safely when a tire blows out.

Final thoughts

These are leading causes that give rise to a car collision. And anyone who gets into an accident should seek the help of law enforcement.

Most importantly, you or the person involved in the accident could need medical help. If you can identify the reason for the event, you can report it to the police accurately.

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