What is a Nexus Letter For?

nexus letters

Let’s not get into long technical definitions of nexus letters. An easy way to understand it is that suppose you are a veteran or a serving individual. During the course of your services, you incur serious injuries or injuries leading to disabilities. In this case, you can file a claim to get the benefits allocated for the disabilities related to services. This claim is filed via nexus letter.

Importance of a nexus letter

A veteran claiming service-related VA disability benefits needs to build a strong case for that. Nexus letter will increase your chances of the claim being successful. It gives credibility to your claim.

Where to get a nexus letter from?

A nexus letter is written by the medical examiner who declares in this letter while the disability/injury qualifies for the veteran’s benefits. There are times when the veteran completes a Nexus letter and sometimes it is completed by the medical examiner. To file a successful VA claim, it should be backed with solid proof.

Sometimes to prove whether the disability or injury incurred is service-related or not and convince the medical examiner who is trying to prove otherwise is like grasping at the straws.

People who can help you write a successful nexus letter

There are many instances when a VA nexus letter failed and this is because of the content written was either very weak or incorrect. For a successful nexus letter, you need to be very careful with the information you are providing. If you have second thoughts about writing a nexus letter on your own then it is highly recommended to go to a medical examiner or a VA disability lawyer.

And the best-case scenario would be to have a VA disability lawyer write the nexus letter. As they know their way around the legalities and the requirements required to file a successful claim. 

Tips to write a strong nexus letter

If you want to get the service-related VA disabilities benefits then you need to craft a well-researched, compelling, straightforward, concise, and credible nexus letter. This letter could be written by your physician or VA disability lawyer. Whatever you choose a strong nexus letter must include the following for your claim to pull through:


A confirmation statement from the author. The author should explicitly state that he scrutinized the medical history of the veteran like the DD214 forms, treatment records during the military service, medical records of the VA, etc.

Strong Proof

Your nexus letter must have strong evidence pointing at the credibility of your claim. This could be a statement from a fellow veteran or private medical records that can vouch for the disability of the veteran.

Proper referencing

If the author is citing medical journals, articles, research, etc. should be properly cited in your nexus letter. This will add momentum to the key points mentioned in the letter.


The letter should end with a strong conclusion. It should clearly state that the veteran incurred disability during the service.

To sum it all up, a strong Nexus Letter is imperative for the veterans’ seeking benefits for the injury or disability sustained during the service.

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