What is Ambetter?


It is known as a very low-cost health insurance service, where you can enroll in the periods designated by the relevant authorities. Only and can make the registration as long as the opening of the records for the service is made.

This health service offers all its members a comprehensive service in all forms of care and disease prevention, as well as special care plans. In the following section we will indicate all the plans that this health insurance offers you.

Plans offered by Ambetter

Ambetter provides its members with a large number of plans that are essentially differentiated by cost. As well as the payment terms and services included, we will shortly explain one by one all the plans that this entity offers its members.

  • Ambetter essential care: corresponds to even basic bronze level care, mainly applicable to cases that do not require extensive health care and that do not necessarily require a regular and follow-up visit to a doctor in the case.
  • Ambetter Balanced Care: They refer to silver level health plans and in which health inspection and care is carried out more strictly than the previous level. Like the monthly payments for it.
  • Ambetter Safe Care: Corresponds to all the health insurance of the entity and is of the gold type, in which the value is much more appreciated for the contribution of the premiums, these being rewarded for the great attention in the health services and the constant medical review.

Through these plans you will make the due monthly payment of the established rate, according to the Ambetter insurance plan you have selected. Collect and provide all the necessary data for it, but first verify that all these are correctly.

Network of Doctors who accept Ambetter

When registering with this health insurance service, it is essential that you select the main doctor to be able to treat you, as well as the specialties that you will need in the first instance. We must remind you to always have all these details on hand for due process.

In which case you need a particular doctor, either because you don’t know him or because you have already been diagnosed by him. In order to use your Ambetter health insurance, you must ask the appropriate question about this professional to find out if he accepts these health insurances.

What do I do if I want to cancel my Ambetter insurance?

Requirements to obtain a credit in Nacional Financiera In the event that you require the cancellation of the health insurance, either due to errors in the application or due to canceling the subscription for economic reasons. It is recommended that you make the necessary cancellation requests as soon as possible, in order to attend to your needs.

We suggest that before canceling the health insurance service, you contact the entity so that it can carry out a proper evaluation of your socioeconomic situation, and provide you with other alternatives to continue enjoying health services.

Benefits of having Ambetter

Ambetter’s medical insurance allows all its members to enjoy multiple benefits in terms of all the health services required. Among all this, we must highlight the wide and complete medical coverage that attends to all your health needs.

Including in the same way all the attention 24 hours a day every day of the week, in addition to the extensive telephone attention by health professionals to attend to all your doubts, and in that case make the appropriate requests for appointments and consultation about of your insurance.

Obtaining all prescription medications, including exam visits and the provision of all prescription glasses. From the same mint you can also enjoy extensive orthodontic and dental services, all of these with extensive coverage for adults.

In the same way, it should be emphasized that this health service also provides attention to a wide coverage in prenatal and postnatal pregnancy. Likewise, emphasizing emergency care and hospitalizations that all members require. We always recommend that you provide all the necessary requirements to be able to request such health services.


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