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Independent testing lab AV-Comparatives conducted two more objective research on their products recently. One focused on the protection against malware in addition to one on efficiency. We are happy to announce the results. Avast antivirus setup withstood the tests and scrutiny, and in both cases, we received the highest possible praise.

Malware test for protection

The study evaluated twenty top security suites from leading brands in a battle against over twenty thousand malicious samples discovered from real-world incidents up to August.

In addition, the report analyzed the system’s detection capabilities, which are just as crucial as its security. In the study: “Malware authors are constantly searching for new methods to bypass detection and security mechanisms.”

Avast Free Antivirus scored among the best scores, coming in with a 97.5 per cent detection rate offline, a 99.3 per cent detection rate online, and a 99.99 per cent online protection rate, which earned it its highest rating and which is the “Advanced+ Award.” Being one of the very few companies that submit the “Free” version rather than paying for a performance to test, our free version can be competitive with our competitors’ “paid for” versions.

Test of performance

Though essential, antivirus software can add additional load to your processor. However, every brand affects computer performance in different ways. Therefore, you should choose a brand that will keep your computer secure while having the most negligible impact on speed.

The test’s performance graded the different brand names in the categories of “slow,” “mediocre,” “fast,” or “very fast” while performing specific tasks with the AV software that runs behind the scenes.

Avast scored “very fast” in tasks like surfing websites downloading files, opening applications, and much more. Avast Free Antivirus was awarded by AV-Comparatives once again. Avast Free Antivirus has its “Advanced+ Award” for its capability to run complete security defence on a computer while operating quickly and “very fast.”

Alongside in addition to publishing the results of tests to educate consumers, AV-Comparatives also offers these suggestions to ensure your system is performing at its peak:

  • Make sure your software is always up-to-date.
  • Clean out any unwanted content on hard drives, and ensure you have at least 20 per cent of your storage space.
  • Then, defragment them often unless you use a solid-state drive (SSD).
  • Utilize fingerprinting, a method that ensures that previously-scanned files do not need to be rescanned after the duration.
  • Don’t be impatient – don’t compromise security for speed in exchange for faster performance.

We agree with all of these suggestions, especially the last. Instead of sacrificing security to ensure your system is at its peak, choose the more powerful antivirus software! Install Avast Free Antivirus and experience the ultimate protection with the most advanced guarantee.

Here’s a breakdown of the Avast Ultimate components:

This convenient, easy-to-manage subscription is the only thing you need to look after your PC like a pro. Let Cybersecurity Month inspire you to keep your data safe, your computer fast, and your online browsing private. Learn more at the Avast antivirus activation key web page.

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