Which Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Furniture Across The Country?

Whether you are changing employment or moving cross country for whatever reason, shipping your furniture might appear to be a huge task. The cheapest way to ship furniture across the country could vary depending on several factors, and if you do proper research and use experienced furniture shipping companies, there is no doubt that you can save some money.

While there are many companies that ship furniture across the country, Ship Smart has over the years proven to be the cheapest option for furniture shipping. They offer a variety of services including white glove service and furniture crating to ensure the safe transportation of your furniture. This moving company charges by the volume of furniture instead of weight, which can often save you money.

Other than moving companies, furniture shipping through freight companies is also an option. This method could potentially save you money, but it usually requires the furniture to be packed and ready for shipment on a pallet or in a crate. To know the exact amount to pay, you can send the service provider a quote today!

Factors That Determine The Cost of Shipping Furniture Cross Country

Furniture shipping is never an easy task. However, the amount that you will pay for the service depends on several factors, and among them include these five:

1. Size and weight of furniture

The size and the weight of the furniture item that needs to be shipped will greatly impact the cost. The bigger and heavier furniture items require special equipment, more fuel, and more manpower in order to be transported safely across the country.

2. Distance traveled

The distance traveled also plays a role in determining the cost of furniture shipping. The farther the furniture needs to travel, the higher the cost will be.

3. Special services required

If furniture items require special services such as crating or white glove delivery, this may also affect the cost of furniture shipping.

4. Timing of shipment

The timing of the furniture shipment can also impact the cost. For example, shipping furniture during peak seasons such as summer and holidays may be more expensive as demand for furniture shipping increases.

5. Shipping method

The type of shipping method chosen can also affect the cost. Air or expedited shipping is usually more expensive than ground transportation, but it may be necessary if furniture needs to arrive at its destination quickly.

How to Find The Cheapest Way To Ship Furniture Across The Country

Finding the cheapest way to ship furniture across the country will require some research and comparison shopping. It is important to gather quotes from multiple furniture shipping companies in order to compare rates and services offered. Here are tips for finding the cheapest furniture shipping option:

1. Compare furniture shipping companies

Do your research and compare furniture shipping companies to find the best price for your furniture shipment.

2. Consider alternate shipping methods

Consider using alternative methods such as ground transportation or freight shipping to save money on furniture shipping costs.

3. Plan ahead

Try to plan furniture shipments ahead of time, as this can often result in more cost-effective options.

4. Use furniture shipping experts

Working with furniture shipping experts can help save money and ensure that furniture items are properly packed and transported.

Overall, there is no definitive answer for the cheapest way to ship furniture across the country. By researching furniture shipping companies, considering alternate shipping methods, planning ahead, and using furniture shipping experts, you can find the most cost-effective option for your furniture shipment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 10 FAQs about furniture shipping:

1. Can furniture be shipped internationally?

Yes, furniture can be shipped internationally. It is important to work with experienced furniture shipping companies in order to properly pack and transport furniture items overseas.

2. Can furniture be shipped through USPS or UPS?

Some furniture items may be able to be shipped through USPS or UPS, but it is important to check with the specific company for size and weight restrictions. In some cases, furniture may need to be shipped through a furniture shipping company or freight service.

3. Can furniture be shipped via moving truck?

Some furniture items may be able to be transported via a moving truck, depending on size and weight restrictions. However, it is important to check with the moving truck company for their furniture shipping policies.

4. Can furniture be shipped assembled or does it need to be disassembled?

This will depend on the furniture shipping company and its policies. Some furniture may need to be disassembled for safe transport, while others may be able to stay assembled during shipment.

5. How do furniture shipping companies determine rates?

Furniture shipping rates are typically determined by factors such as the distance of shipment, special services needed, the timing of shipment, and shipping method.

6. Can furniture be shipped with other items?

Some furniture shipping companies may allow furniture to be shipped with other items, but it is important to check with the specific company for their policies.

7. How long does furniture shipping take?

The timeframe for furniture shipping can vary, depending on factors such as distance, shipping method, and any delays during transit.

8. Can furniture shipping rates be negotiated?

In some cases, furniture shipping rates may be able to be negotiated with the furniture shipping company.

9. Can furniture shipping companies provide insurance for furniture items?

Some furniture shipping companies may offer insurance for furniture items, but it is important to check with the specific company for their policies and coverage options.

10. How can I prepare my furniture for shipment?

Properly packing furniture and ensuring it is ready for shipment is important in order to prevent damage during transit. It is recommended to work with furniture shipping experts for proper packing and preparation.


Overall, furniture can be shipped through various methods and companies, but it is important to do research and work with experienced furniture shipping professionals in order to ensure the safe transport of furniture items. Of course, the cheapest option may not always be the best in terms of quality and safety, so it is important to weigh all factors when choosing furniture shipping options. It can also be helpful to plan and schedule furniture shipments ahead of time in order to find more cost-effective options.

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