Who is DJ Marshmello, the most mysterious attraction at Rock in Rio 2022

Expert analyzes the disguises of DJs and other mysterious musicians.

The face of one of the biggest names in electronic music has giant X-shaped eyes, a kind of sinister smile and a kind of internet meme. He played on September 3, the same night as Post Malone and Arok.

The most mysterious attraction of this event has been hiding its face with a bucket of marshmallows since it appeared at the festival in 2015. Websites specializing in the genre are associating its identity with that of DJ CHRIS COMSTOCK from the United States, known as Dotcom, but these are just rumors. Rumors that were never confirmed.

The musician who blew up with his remix of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s “Where are ü now” is rarely interviewed and little is known about his origins. In his official biography, he modestly explains why he decided to hide his face.

“I just want to make good music. And for that you don’t need to know who I am.”

Marshmello followed other masked DJs, including Canadian Deadmau5 and French duo Daft Punk. They all follow a long line of artists who make mystery their greatest commodity, like Sia, Kiss, Slipknot and Gorillaz. But what is behind the mystery?

An expert’s view

The vast majority talk about maintaining privacy and “emphasizing art over image”, in addition to generating a new movement. But for Antonio Chaulet, businessman and music producer, it is impossible to define a single argument that explains this behavior in general. He does a brief analysis.

''With Kiss, for example, the heavy makeup even hides age. In my opinion, Sia has a very poetic strategy. There is also a critique of the pop music format of artists as iconic and central figures."

But what about marshmello? "An interpretation can be an overestimation of the DJ, a criticism of this pop star DJ thing", analyzes the producer. The logic of the masked and anonymous person is also very present on the internet, along with elements such as "V for Vendetta" masks, forgery and anonymous posting. ”

Antonio also reminds us that the cult of masks is much older than any pop star. “The actors wore masks to represent emotions. This idea of ​​hiding the face with masks came from increased visibility.”

A masked man’s point of view

Of course, celebrities from this universe also don’t miss the chance to create their own riddles. Thiago “Zangado” is one of the most famous Brazilian anonymous youtubers. He has been hiding his face since he started his channel and now has millions of followers.

“Ideas are more important than images,” says Zangado, especially when talking to young people. Therefore, he believes that masks help send the right message.

“Whether I have small eyes or big eyes, straight hair or not, it doesn’t matter. That’s my identity.”

For Antonio, they should pay attention to the “I don't want to be famous” speech, especially on the internet, where the relationship between masks and real life is even more disconcerting. “For YouTubers, wanting to stand out feels more like a personal marketing issue.”

Source: Fambile News Portal.

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