Why the Crowler Beer Can is Taking Over the Craft Beer Industry

You’ve probably seen these crowlers at the local beer store, but you might not have tried one yet. Crowler are becoming increasingly popular among beer lovers in the United States, especially those who like to bring home unique craft beers that can’t be found in crowler beer can  or bottles at their local market.

What is a crowler?

The crowler can, also known as a growler in a can or an urn in a can, is a 32oz container that looks like a beer can. It’s made of recyclable aluminum and uses CO2 to pressurize it instead of foam. The crowler keeps beer fresh for up to two months by sealing out oxygen and light. It was invented by Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado but it has only recently started to catch on with breweries all over the United States. Some key benefits of using a crowler are that it eliminates the need for air-tight containers and they’re easier to transport than glass bottles or kegs.

The benefits of crowlers

Beer cans have been around for a long time and they were originally created to replace beer bottles. The problem with bottles was that they shattered easily and the beer could get contaminated. Cans are more durable, so it became popular to use them for shipping beer to customers. However, with the craft beer industry booming in recent years, there was a demand for a way of serving fresh draft beers without having to use glasses or growlers. The crowler was developed as an answer to this need, and it has taken off as craft brewers have jumped on board in droves.

The disadvantages of crowlers

Crowlers seem to be taking over the craft beer industry and for good reason- they offer many benefits for both consumers and breweries. First, crowlers are completely recyclable and take up less space than traditional growlers. Second, they’re more cost effective than bottles or cans because you can fill them with any beer of your choice rather than buying a specific type of packaging like bottles or cans. Lastly, they’re easier to transport because they don’t break as easily and are resealable with a metal lid. But even though crowlers have many advantages there are also some disadvantages such as not being able to pour without spilling which can lead to wasted beer. Overall, though, I think that this product has potential for improving both consumer’s experience as well as brewery’s efficiency.

The future of crowlers

Crowler are becoming more and more popular in the craft beer industry. This new trend eliminates a lot of hassles for breweries, as well as increasing profits. You may be wondering why these cans are so popular, and what they have to offer that traditional growlers don’t. The answer is simple: crowlers are much easier to transport than black crowler cans, which can lead to less spillage and breakage. They are also much easier for customers to carry around because they come in a 32oz can with a handle, rather than a glass container that requires two hands to carry it.

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