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It is worth the effort to travel near Pune. This adventure becomes even more exciting when layoffs are announced. The adventure of touring the rugged yet beautiful backdrops in Pune’s layoffs was a dream come true for many gests from all over the globe. We will take a look at these tips to help plan your one of the best treks in Pune.

Rajgad Fort Trek

Rajgad can be described as an immense stronghold. Rajgad is the King of all castles. This stronghold was home to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who spent close to 25 years there. Rajgad is known for its unique construction layout. You can divide the stronghold into four distinct corridors based on geography and bastion. Three sub-plateau Machi are located in the stronghold, videlicet Padmavati Machi and Suvela Machi. The Ballekilla is at the centre.

This instigative journey takes you back to the past. You will visit the Padmavati Tabernacle and the Ancient Fort. Rajgad Trek, a moderate-position trek that starts at Gunjavane Village, Pune District and ends at Rajgad Fort. Rajgad is the King of all castles. It is known for its unique structure. Rajgad is girded by Sinhagad and Torna. Rajgad is a popular weekend getaway and Maharashtra tour destination. It’s located approximately 65 km from Pune. For advanced pedestrians, Rajgad stronghold is the best for trekking to Torna stronghold.

We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle that is our daily lives that we forget to take advantage of the many benefits that the world has for us. These beautiful hill castles are not only a source of ancient legends, but they also provide relief for the callers.

Bhimashankar Trek

It was established in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, and covers a distance of approximately 120 km at an elevation of 3400 feet high in the mountains. It is home to the beautiful temple of Lord Shiva, nestled among the dense jungle. This is one of 12 Jyotirlingas of India that attracts pilgrims and their followers.

Bhimashankar has a prominent religious significance. One can see many religionists traveling there during Shravan. Rakshas Tripurasura was allegedly killed by Lord Shiva when he got angry. Their battle generated heat that created the source for swash Bhima. It is also known as the Bhimashankar. The Bhimashankar Tabernacle is a combination of the old and new armature. It is a graceful, modest tabernacle that dates back to 18th century.

Katraj to Sinhagad

The famous Katraj to Sinhgad trip is known as the K2S Journey. This journey will test your abbidance. It begins at Katraj Lair and ends in Sinhgad Fort. The total distance is approximately. 16 km( 17 hills).

K2S Trek Details

  • Katraj to Sinhagad Trek High Abidance Level
  • Region Ghera Sinhagad
  • To climb 7-8 hours one-way, total time required
  • Please Note
  • You must bring at least 2 to 3 litres water, since there is no water source during the trip.
  • Excellent arsonist with redundant batteries (no mobile arsonist).
  • Shoes with good grip are recommended
  • Snacks can be carried as well

Bhigwan Birding Tour

Bhigwan, a beautiful city located on the border between Pune and Solapur in Central Maharashtra in India, is called “Bhigwan”. It is located at 105km from Pune, on the backwoods near Ujani levee. Bhigwan is well-known for his raspberry watching skills, particularly with flamingos and wildlife photography. It is also called mini Bharatpur.

Many species of ducks, egrets and raptors can be seen at Bhigwan. There are also flocks of hundreds upon flocks of flamingos. The variety of catcalls at Bhigwan allows for sightings of almost all high raspberry species. It also provides great opportunities for wildlife photographers. Sometimes, flamingos can be seen as high as 200,000 to 2,000. Low rains and low water positions have reduced the number of flamingos in recent years. This is a popular spot for migrant cats, with more than 230 species of birds set up there. These catcalls are visible in the downtime period between December and March. The raspberry usually migrates via the ocean, and adult women leave from their parentage grounds.

Alang fort

Alang Fort (also known as Alangad), is an Indian stronghold located in Nashik Quarter, Maharashtra. It is one of three castles located in the Kalsubai range, Western Ghats. These castles are the most difficult to reach in Nasik District. These journeys are delicate because of the thick timber cover. Due to heavy rains, these three castles are often overlooked. There is also a confusing path leading to them.


It is located in the same area as the three castles that gave rise to Kulag. We come across pieces of gemstone on our way up the mountain. From Kulanwadi, it takes 6 hours to reach the stronghold. You will see 5 water tuns on the stronghold. We could then see Mahuli and the 3 pinacles. You can also choose to stay in the grottoes.

Alang and Madan are the preferred rises. After leaving Kulung stronghold, it could take around 3-4 hours to reach the step. Gemstone climbing is required as the wall along the route was toppled by the cannon fire. A fixed rope is required. One large delve is required.

This stronghold has 2 water barrels. A huge table is at the top of this stronghold. There are two grottoes on the stronghold. One is a small tabernacle. The other is a large table. The stronghold is littered with remnants of buildings. Kalasubai and Aundh Fort, Patta, and Bitangad are located to the east of this stronghold. Harihar and Trimbakgad to its north, Harishchandragad to its south, and Harishchandragad to its west. Harishchandragad is to its south. Harishchandragad to its southeast and Harishchandragad to its north.

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