10 Fun Facts About Photo Booths You’ll Be Pleased to Know

Photo booths are a beloved source of entertainment for people of all ages. Whether they’re at weddings, festivals, or trade shows, photo booths inspire smiles and bring people together.

Do you know, however, just how much photo booths have evolved since their original debut on Broadway in 1925? You may be surprised by how many new and exciting features are available today.

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Read through these 10 fun facts about photo booths, and then browse our site and get excited about all there is to offer! 

  1. They’re technologically advanced

With rapid technological innovation, photo booths are no exception. Nowadays, photo booths are equipped with professional high-definition cameras, extra-strength flash bulbs, stunning resolution printers, and complex computers.

It’s basically like having a portable photography studio with unlimited photos. State-of-the-art software paired with durable hardware creates a modern experience sure to wow anyone.

  1. There are tons of green screen options

Who says you can’t have various backgrounds to choose from? Contemporary photo booths include green screen technology that superimposes the image of your choice onto a green screen.

Transport guests to a tropical location, picturesque beach, or winter wonderland. Even more, you can find props to match! The options are limitless. Guests love the opportunity to completely customize their photos.

  1. You can share photos on social media instantly

In this golden era of social media, everyone is sharing their special moments. With a photo booth, you can digitally share your photos to your phone through email or text. Some booths even allow you to post directly to social media from within the kiosk.

That means guests can post about their fun in real time–spreading the excitement of the event to all their followers.

  1. Photo prints (and machines!) can be customized

If your event has a logo or if you’re using a photo booth at a corporate event, you can brand prints and even the machine itself with your logo. Remind guests where they are and who’s providing this awesome entertainment long after the event is over.

  1. All content is stored in a photo library

Just like the photo gallery on your phone, all the photos taken at an event are stored on the machine. After the event, they can be shared with guests to create a sort of digital scrapbook. It’s a fantastic way to reminisce on the fun and experience the good times all over again.

  1. Takes only minutes for set-up and takedown

No tools required here! Modern photo booths take just minutes to set up and take down. There’s no wait time for the fun to begin, and it’s not a hassle to take down the machine once the festivities end.

Photo booths are conveniently portable, so they can be placed wherever. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about a cluster of cables and cords that could trip people. The machine is compact and smartly designed.

  1. Photo booths complement any occasion

Many people hosting formal events worry that a photo booth will be an eyesore. This is far from the case, though, as photo booths today have a very sleek design. They can complement any theme without drawing too much attention.

  1. You can take more than just still photos

Did somebody say gifs?! That’s right. Many photo booths allow you to create gifs, boomerangs, and other animations that are perfect for sharing on social media. Guests are sure to love creating their own dynamic media. 

  1. You can add filters

It’s possible to add some extra spice to your photos with a variety of filters. Kardashian-style filters are especially popular, making your skin look extra smooth and wrinkle-free. Guests are sure to feel like top models.

    10. They’re enjoyable for all ages

Everyone from young children to seniors can have a blast using a photo booth. With a large touch screen and simple interface, there won’t be a learning curve. Regardless of the age range at your event, anyone can take advantage of the many features a photo booth offers.

   11. Keep The Fun Going: Book Your Photo Booth Rental Today!

Considering these 10 fun facts and even more, it’s no wonder why photo booths are the go-to entertainment source for so many people!

Did you learn something new? Let us know! Browse our photo booth rental packages to find your ideal option. When you’re ready to book, contact us, and we’ll ensure that your rental goes smoothly.

Cheers to good times and amazing photos!

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