How can a Belarusian work in Ukraine?

In order for a citizen of Belarus to be able to legally work in Ukraine (we remind you that you cannot work illegally – this is a crime that entails deportation for you and a large fine for the employer), he must obtain a special permit.

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The application must be submitted by the Ukrainian employer to a special Employment Center. A work permit is usually issued for a period of 6 to 12 months, in rare cases for 3 years.

The procedure is very simple: you only need to show a copy of the foreigner’s passport, as well as the employment contract. But a Belarusian must earn at least 32 thousand hryvnias every month. According to the exchange rate on August 26, it is $1,457.

There are loopholes where a person bets 0.25 or even 0.125 to get around this limit.

Can work without permission:

  • people with a permanent residence permit,
  • refugees and persons with additional protection,
  • employees of foreign fleets and airlines,
  • journalists,
  • athletes,
  • employees of foreign branches of companies,
  • priests
  • employees of organizations that provide technical assistance to Ukraine,
  • scientists and workers in the field of education.

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Temporary residence permit

If you plan to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days, you need to obtain a residence permit. A temporary residence permit has a defined term. There is no list of exact reasons for its receipt. Any reason is suitable: work, studies or marriage. It is important that the reason can be documented.

Documents that must be prepared for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Passport and photos
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Duty payment receipt
  • A document confirming your reasons for obtaining a residence permit
  • Medical policy
  • Tax id number
  • Statement

The list of additional documents may change depending on the purpose of obtaining a temporary residence permit. All documents must be notarially translated into Ukrainian.

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Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit is issued without restrictions. If we have been married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years, have Ukrainian origin or your stay on the territory of Ukraine is important for the state, then the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit is very simplified for you.

If you are a highly qualified specialist, a person who has invested more than $100,000 in Ukraine, relatives of Ukrainian citizens, minor children of those who have received permanent residence or a refugee who has been in Ukraine for more than 3 years, then you can get a permanent residence permit , but the procedure will be more complicated.

The list of documents is not much different from the one that needs to be made for a residence permit. But first you need to get permission from the migration service of Ukraine.

Documents confirming your intention to live in Ukraine must be attached to applications and a copy of your passport.

Unlike many EU countries, it is impossible to obtain a permanent residence permit after a certain period of stay in Ukraine.

Political asylum in Ukraine

An adult who has faced persecution in his country due to his political views, religious, social or national affiliation can ask for political asylum. This also applies to people whose lives are in danger in their own country.

To apply for asylum, you need to present your documents and describe the circumstances that compel a person to request refugee status.

This application should be sent to the Migration Service of Ukraine. Refugees in Ukraine can legally work, study and receive medical care.

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