2022 Interior Design Trends and How to Get the Look At Home

Interior design is going to be very interesting in 2022 as there is a huge variety of styles and design trends to draw from today. Designers have a rich tapestry of history to draw inspiration from, thanks to the information available in the digital age, and many homeowners are looking to the past to furnish their homes. Creative designers are combining vintage designs with cutting-edge technologies and materials to create more comfortable and inviting modern homes. 

For the futurists out there, countless innovations are hitting the market and a high tech home is readily within reach. Exciting functions once seen in sci-fi movies are becoming a reality. At the same time, eco-friendly designs which combine sustainability and natural aesthetics are going to be another major trend. In this article, we’ll go over some of these styles and suggest ways to get them in your home! 

Hypermodern Styles

Common contemporary design aspects range from sharp lines, boxy shapes, and stark whites, metals, and woods to lush curves and vibrant colors. Hypermodern design styles are fairly diverse, but you’ll know them when you see them. 

If you are looking to the future for your interior design ideas, there are plenty of innovative technologies and products to get you thinking. Smart refrigerators, smart lighting systems, self-sterilizing door handles, keyless locks, smart thermometers, color-changing walls, smart ovens, and other high-tech appliances and devices are already entering the market and astonishing consumers everywhere. 

CNN has a variety of examples that will really jog your imagination. Combine your high tech devices with modern furniture, neon lighting fixtures, wall art, and decorations for a truly memorable home. 

Eco-Friendly Styles

Important words to look for in 2022 are “eco-friendly” and “sustainable.” Consumers are steadily becoming concerned about environmental issues, and are looking to have those concerns reflected both in their indoor aesthetics and the sustainability of their purchases. 

Common interior design elements include salvaged woods and metals, natural and eco-friendly fabrics and materials, aged woods, and recycled items are being creatively used by designers and homeowners alike. 

Classic Styles

Still, more homeowners are turning to past design styles and contemporary reimaginings to furnish their dream homes. Cutting-edge designers are looking at old English designs, traditional French country furnishings, vintage American decor, and other throwback design styles to reinvigorate interiors everywhere. Classic styles tend to be warmer and earthier, harkening back to a simpler time. 

Bring It Home

High-tech appliances and furnishings are readily available at places like Fry’s and Best Buy, or you can go searching for more specialty items online. Internet stores are also a great source for eco-friendly furnishings, and many neighborhoods have great salvage yards like Berkeley’s Urban Ore that contain all kinds of cool recycled goods. Finally, if you are looking for that classic look, there are plenty of great store out there that carry eclectic, one-of-a-kind decor and other vintage styles. There is so much out there, only your imagination is the limit. Happy shopping!




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