5 Effective Teaching Strategies Every Educator Should Know

Effective teaching is an art. As educators, we have the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of students throughout our teaching career and turn them into successful individuals and model citizens of the society. With the rising popularity of online courses, educators have the opportunity to reach millions of students across the world with the help of platforms to create and sell online courses

Some of the best platform to sell courses online can truly help the educators in maximizing their reach among the students. Being a teacher comes with its own set of responsibilities. Ensuring that the students learn effectively is one of the most important responsibilities of any educator. 

Various teaching strategies may work in any classroom regardless of the subject being taught or the age of the learners. Educators can ensure student success by combining a number of effective teaching strategies in order to develop their own unique teaching techniques which work best for them and their students. Here are 5 effective teaching strategies every teacher should know about. Depending upon the learning needs of your students and your present teaching style, you can incorporate one or more of these in your teaching strategy to maximise the student learning outcomes in your class. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Encourage Visualization-

Use the modern teaching tools to incorporate visual learning into your lessons. Visualisation can help in making otherwise dull and boring concepts highly appealing for the students. Moreover, it also provides a more practical and application-based learning experience for the students. Today, there are many online learning platforms which help the educators in teaching via animations and simulations to help the students learn the concepts in greater depth. The integration of innovative technological teaching tools which use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality to boost student learning, in your class can also be a great way of promoting visualisation. 

Collaborative Learning-

One of the most effective teaching strategies out there is cooperative or collaborative learning. For instance, you could encourage students of varying abilities to work in close conjunction with each other by organizing group-based events or activities. This will not only help the students in learning new things, but will also help them gain more self-confidence, improve their skills of collaboration, communication and critical thinking. This will help them long after they have left the school. Student collaboration also helps the students in bonding with one another and developing friendships. 

Flipped Classroom-

A flipped classroom is yet another teaching strategy which might help educators in getting the best out of their students. As the name suggests, in a flipped classroom the usual order of teaching activities is reversed or flipped. The students are expected to read the study material, research and try to understand the concepts as part of the homework. The class time is reserved for the purpose of group discussions, peer-to-peer learning and asking their doubts from the teachers. This allows the students to learn at their own comfortable pace. Pedagogical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of flipped classrooms as a teaching strategy which can help in increasing the student learning outcomes significantly. 


As teachers, we should employ teaching strategies that help us in guiding each student in the class effectively. As a general rule of thumb, always try to differentiate your teaching instructions based on different students’ potential and abilities. Always allocate learning tasks and activities based on the abilities of individual students, their unique learning requirements and their level of motivation. The brightest students in your class should be tasked with a bit more challenging problems which require higher order thinking and the struggling students should get ample support and motivation from your side. 

Use Technology-

The classrooms today are much different than the classrooms from just a few years ago. Educators should make ample use of technological teaching tools to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes in the class. Regardless of the subject or the age of the students in your class, technology can be used to teach them more effectively and help them achieve academic success. This is the reason why technology is changing the face of education today.

Educators should dedicate some time to learn about various teaching strategies which can make their teaching more effective. Needless to say, the strategies discussed in this article can go a long way to serve the purpose of teaching students more effectively. 

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