5 Hardest Countries for Obtaining Citizenship

Obtaining permanent residency status or second citizenship by investment Dubai abroad country may seems like a good idea for those who no longer want to live in a country where they were born or what best second passport  they hold. But some countries made the transition very difficult unless you are married to a citizen (or, in some cases, if you have ancestors that citizens).


Many countries in the EU have strict immigration laws. However, Austria seemed to have one of the most extended processes to become citizens. Anyone who is not a citizen of the European Union and stays longer than six months of residence permit before entering and giving Austria citizenship.

People who are going to stay longer than 24 months must also sign the Integration Agreement, a process designed to improve German language skills and the ability “to participate in social life, economy, and culture in Austria.” 

A permanent resident must continuously live in the country for ten years before applying for citizenship.If approved, the applicant must abandon any other nationality.


Obtaining permanent residency in Germany is tough unless you are a citizen of another European Union country.5 six foreign nationals living in Germany must demonstrate competency in the German language and knowledge of the political system and society to obtain German citizenship. Applicants must also demonstrate that they can earn a living and has contributed to the national pension program. They also must have proof of suitable accommodation.


It takes longer to get a permanent resident visa in Japan rather than become citizens. Those wishing to become a Japanese citizen must have lived in the country for five years, received permission from the Minister of Justice, and completed a large number of documents (which may or may not include a question involving the private life of applicants)


To get a settlement-or a permanent residence visa, unless you are an EU citizen-you must have lived in the country for five or ten years.11

If one qualifies for permanent residency by the length of time you have lived in the country, you can also apply for citizenship. However, this is not confirmed; Applicants for citizenship must also prove that they have been assimilated into Swiss society and does not pose a threat to security.

United States of America

While the second citizenship investment by Dubai was founded mostly by immigrants, the process to achieve permanent residence and citizenship has become increasingly more difficult since the early 2000s and the so-called “war against terrorism.” Unless someone came to the US through a family member or worked approved, it isn’t easy to establish a permanent residence (sometimes known as a green card receipt).

We are moving from temporary to permanent resident visa or citizenship status, very difficult in some countries.

Having twofold citizenship permits you to become residents of at least two nations simultaneously. In any case, not all states permit you to hold (at least two) travel papers at the same time as India or China, for the most part like the US, Canada, and Britain. Also, there are nations where dark zones, like Germany, Panama, and Singapore, are by and large not allowed; in any case, the standards are not outright.

Instructions to get various citizenships

There are four principal ways of getting second citizenship:

Family line

  1. Relatives.

Numerous nations permit you to rapidly get citizenship on the off chance that you can demonstrate that you have tribal securities. This is particularly pervasive in a few pieces of Europe. For certain nations, you want to affirm that your immediate guardians are brought into the world there. In any case, for other people (e.g., Lithuania), you can fit the bill for tribal citizenship regardless of whether your grandparents are conceived.

Citizenship by posterity is typically free; the interaction can be finished rapidly and presumably the most ideal way to get second citizenship assuming you qualify.

  1. Naturalization

The most common way of getting citizenship in view of naturalization generally includes living in a country for a specific number of years as a super durable populace before qualified to propose full citizenship. Getting a super durable residency is the initial step that typically requires over 183 days of costs for X number of years.

  1. Marriage

Citizenship with marriage is one more type of naturalization. Most nations can allow you a subsequent visa on the off chance that you are hitched to residents, like Canada, Ireland, France, and the US. In any case, this is certainly not a good citizenship system. Joke’s wedding settings are to some degree hazardous. You can not just cause problems and kicked by the public authority in the event that you are gotten, yet you are agreeable the length of coercion with a set accomplice.

  1. Venture

An ever increasing number of nations offer what is known as citizenship by financial venture or citizenship. Planned for people need to acquire twofold citizenship in the quickest and simplest way. As a trade-off for buying land or monetary gifts around 100,000 USD Dominican and Vanuatu up to the main 1-2 million for citizenship in Malta and Cyprus, you can get an identification inside 3-6 months.

Help a second identification through grandparents – Ireland

The simplest method for getting Irish citizenship is to demonstrate that you have an Irish predecessor, i.e., In the event that one of your folks or grandparents in Ireland. For this situation, you just have to apply for citizenship through an unfamiliar birth list.

Assume you don’t have an Irish precursor. All things considered, you can in any case be an Irish resident through their naturalization cycle by having a four-year total residency north of eight years, trailed by an entire year of living in the country.

This implies you can turn into a naturalized resident following a five-year residency. This can be decreased to three years on the off chance that you have an Irish accomplice.

Irish citizenship gives you the option to live or work in the European and EU financial districts. His prominence and comfort are shown on the grounds that Ireland has in excess of 14 million travel papers dynamic available for use, however the populace is just 4,000,000.

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