5 Reasons to Call for Ducted Heating Repair in Werribee

Ducted Heating Repairs in Werribee

Winter calls for proper heating. And to keep your residential or commercial space warm and cosy during the winters, your ducted heating system should function in A1 condition. And how do you ensure its proper functioning? Through timely maintenance and repairs.

Your ducted heating system is subject to normal wear and tear, and its condition will deteriorate with years of constant usage. But with timely Ducted Heating Repairs in Werribee, you can extend its life. When you ignore a fault for a long time, it damages the system beyond repair. And therefore, as experts, we recommend timely heating repairs. Now, the question is, how do you know if your heater needs repair? To help you out on this front, here are some signs of a faulty heating system. The moment you encounter any of these, seek the help of expert technicians.

Ducted Heating Repairs in Werribee

1.   Constant Strange Noises

If strange noises are coming out of your heating duct, it is in no way normal and is a sign of some underlying mechanical issues. From loosened panels to faulty combustion motor, the reasons could be many, and all such problems require immediate attention. Such noises could then lead to airflow reductions. So, the moment you start hearing whistling or rumbling sounds coming out of your heating system, avail yourself of ducted heating repairs in Werribee.

2.   Insufficient/Irregular Heating

The one job of a ducted heating system is to keep your space warm irrespective of the harsh weather conditions outside. And if your heater is not doing that well, it is in dire need of repair.

A ducted heating system is meant to warm up each corner of your space equally. So, if you notice that the heating is irregular, insufficient or is not heating all your rooms, it’s time for you to seek ducted heating repairs in Werribee.

Common causes of irregular heating in ducted heating systems

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Air filter clogging
  • Leakage in ductwork
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Inadequate insulation

All of these problems need the attention of experts and are a sign that you need the assistance of a qualified technician.

3.   Pungent Smell

Electrical appliances and weird smells never go well together. It is often a sign of some serious mechanical issue, the most common one being a gas leak. You know how dangerous a gas leak could be and if ignored, could compromise the safety of you and your family. That’s why if  you sense a weird smell coming out of your heating ducts, switch it off and seek the help of professionals.

But note that the dusty smell that comes out of your heater when you turn it on for the first time in winters is completely normal.

4.   Excessive Bills

Your heating requirements significantly contribute to your electricity bills during the winter months. While it’s natural for your bills to rise, it shouldn’t be beyond a point. If the bill hike seems unreasonable to you, that means your heater is not working efficiently. It could be a sign of:

  • Damaged insulation
  • Ductwork leaks
  • Outdated furnace
  • Thermostat issues

In case of any of these issues, your electricity bill will rise heavily and impact your heater’s heating capacity. So, to ensure that your heater is energy-efficient and works at its best, schedule an inspection and get it repaired immediately.

5.   Heater Trips the Breaker

Does your circuit breaker trip the moment you turn on your heater? Then it’s a warning sign that you should call for ducted heating repair in Werribee. And resolving this issue is not the work of an amateur as it can result in some serious electrical faults at your home, including short circuits and electrical fires. So, it’s not an issue you should take lightly.

Common Reasons Why Your Heater Might Trip the Breaker

  • Your heater is drawing too much current, resulting in overheating.
  • Overloaded outlet. In that case, simply unplugging the equipment could do the job.
  • The fault could be within the breaker itself.

If you don’t have proper knowledge regarding these systems, it’s best to call an expert for inspection and they will identify the fault and resolve it efficiently.

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