5 Ways to Give your Home a Seasonal Update with Tiles


Tiles have long been common in homes, but more and more people use them to decorate and add color.

As a result, people are not just using tiles for the bathroom floor but are also using them for kitchen floors, splashbacks, even for the walls, as well as for hallways and colorful feature walls.

A recent report shows that tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a flooring option; among the 88 percent of homeowners who update their floor coverings in their kitchen, 33 percent opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles, according to the interior website Houzz.

It has also been found that these tiles are not limited to block colors – there has been a growing trend of using designed ones and creating rugs out of patterned tiles.

Increasingly, people arrange rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern or hexagon shapes to create a honeycomb effect. You can visit them online by typing wall tiles UK cheap.

Encaustic Tiles

It’s a kind of ceramic tile with a pattern that isn’t really in the glaze but instead in different clay colors, so the design stays even when the tile wears down. If you lay them next to each other, they create fun patterns characterized by geometrical shapes and symmetrical patterns. I think they would be the perfect decor for bathrooms, hallways, and even outdoor areas!

The subway pattern is a great way to decorate bathroom and kitchen walls with rectangular subway tiles.


There is a growing trend for using herringbone patterns in tiles and on wooden floors. It’s essentially just rectangular tiles arranged in a crisscross formation.

In addition to looking fantastic on the floor, they also work well as splashbacks.

A ‘rug’ made of tiles can be a great way to create spaces in the home and add color and interest to the room. Separating areas within a space with them would also work well for the outdoors, for example, an outdoor dining area.

You can also use tiles to create a waterproof area on a wooden floor – for instance, around a bath in a bedroom.

i) Zigzags

The zig-zag pattern can also be made by creating lines of the same color similar to the herringbone pattern. A chevron pattern could be created by alternating white and blue tiles, for example, white, blue, etc.

ii) Three Dimensional

Is it right to say that tiles cannot be three-dimensional? There is something fun about these tiles. They would look great as a panel in a kitchen or hallway.

iii) Tile Wallpaper

Using the patterns from tiles as wall decorations would be a great way to create geometric patterns.

Even though the image below is wallpaper, the same effect could be achieved with tiles.

Heritage Style

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, tiles played an important decorative role in decorating homes. However, the most ornamental examples were used to create an entrance hall dado or set in cast-iron fireplaces. It was considered that the kitchen and bathroom were service areas, and their walls were covered with plain, brick-like, functional tiles. Some of the most beautiful designs of the time are still being produced today, and if you want an authentic look, you might want to come across the work of Philip Webb, William De Morgan, and William Morris.

Decor Drama

A school of thought believes the floor should be decorated since it’s a ‘fifth wall’. For patterned floors in living areas, carpets and rugs were the usual choices, but underfloor heating has opened up the possibility of using tiles. Several designs are available, from traditional Spanish patterns to geometric grids and abstract motifs.


Finally, but certainly not least, we have Courchevel – one of our favorite wooden effect tiles. While this may not be considered to be a statement tile as such, it’s all about how you are going to use it. It’s all about being bold and not just restricting yourself to floors when using this tile.  You can use it on walls, chimneys, exterior cladding, or even inside showers. But what’s best is that wood effects are timeless and will never go out of style. A fashion becomes out of date as soon as it is universal.

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