A Guide to Become a Competitive Interior Designer

Interior Designer

When people assume the role of an interior designer, their first idea regularly goes to the concept of any individual in a swanky loft apartment. People look at the brilliant Mediterranean-style home featured in magazines. Therefore, they think that’s what turning into an interior designer is all about. The interior designing profession is more than that. It is a multifaceted career. However, it requires more information in technical, creative, and business disciplines.

Get to Know the Profession

Before you begin your journey to dive into this career, you must have strong information about this profession. You must know the requirements to be a “Certified Interior Designer”. 

If you know the requirements, you can easily distinguish yourself from others. You need to know the difference between a certified interior designer and an interior designer without certification. It will help you choose which direction you desire to pursue.

Interior Designer vs. Certified Interior Designer

However, both the designers have the same work profiles. They have to do the planning, designing, managing, and executing tasks. Both of them transform interiors into purposeful spaces for their clients. But, there are big variations between the two.

Interior designers do not need to have formal education or training. Hence, with no such requirement in place, each person can call themselves an interior designer.

Such people do not have any formal education or work experience. On the other hand, certified interior designers have a set of skills. Their skills are supported by a university degree and years of supervised work experience.

The Benefits of Certification

Earning certification is much more than having a piece of paper. However, your degree will say that you have met positive qualifications. But, the certification is like an affirmation that you are at the pinnacle of your field. Certified designers differentiate themselves from others by their formal education and training. This difference makes certification a valuable credential when looking for a job.

Become a Certified Interior Designer

The certification is a desire that you have to go so far in your career. Certification represents a serious dedication in terms of time and money. However, it is a fundamental professional milestone for any interior designer. Certification has its own procedure.

1. Earn an Interior Design Degree or Certificate

The first step to turning into a certified interior designer is having a higher education. To be eligible for NCIDQ certification, you must have a certificate or degree program in interior design. An interior design degree may help you to enter the industry quickly. The preference is personal and up to you.

2. Gain Supervised Professional Experience

 For NCIDQ certification, you will need to have work experience. The work experience varies as per your diploma or degree program. 

3. Pass a Certification Exam

If you want to be a certified interior designer, you need to pass the NCIDQ examination. The NCIDQ examination is a timed, multiple-choice, three-part examination. This exam measures a candidate’s competency in interior design standards and knowledge.

So, if you want to be a certified interior designer, you need to go through the procedure mentioned above. But, to start the procedure of certification, you need to enroll yourself in interior design colleges in Jaipur.

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