Aquatic plant fertilizers

How much, when, what, and how are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves when it comes to adding products like aquatic plant fertilizers (in other words, top dressing). But it all starts with the question of whether it is worth adding them, or the plants will be content with what they get from the decay of the waste products of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The answer will depend on the tasks that you set for yourself.

If you are not very demanding on the quantity and quality of plants in the aquarium, if you are satisfied with a couple of stunted bushes in a hundred-liter jar, then you can forget about aquatic plant fertilizers forever. Fertilizers are added to the aquarium when they want to have emerald thickets that grow steadily and serve as a luxurious backdrop for paintings from the life of the underwater kingdom.

Aquatic plant fertilizers

For normal growth, plants need:

  • minerals and chemicals;
  • trace elements;
  • macronutrients.

The main macronutrients needed for nutrition and which should be included in fertilizers for aquarium plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can use ready-made compositions, of which there is a great variety and for all occasions, or add only those elements that are insufficient in the aquarium at the moment. As you understand, only fairly experienced aquarists can afford this approach to adding aquatic plant fertilizers. The methods and signs by which the missing elements in plant nutrition are determined are a separate and rather complex topic.. Most aquarists are limited to a consultation in the store. The Aquasmile online store has qualified managers, and udo for the aquarium (this is how fertilizers for the aquarium are reduced in everyday life) only from the best world manufacturers.

Feeding aquarium plants

Plants floating in the water column are conveniently fed with liquid aquatic plant fertilizers. To do this, you need to measure the proper amount, carefully pour into the water, evenly distributing it over the surface. If your home pond grows plant species that take root in the ground, then they need additional top dressing for aquarium plants in the form of a dry mixture. It is applied to the top layer of soil several times a month. A lot of positive feedback has been noticed and confirms that the ground types of aquarium vegetation are very responsive to this type of preparation. In the AquaSmile store you will find all types of both liquid and dry fertilizers in convenient and economical packages. In order to buy fertilizers for aquarium plants, just go to the website of our store and select a product in a convenient catalog.

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Aquatic plant fertilizers and Startup

There has been a lot of debate lately about the need for aquatic plant fertilizers when starting an aquarium. Most people believe that the presence of nutrient soil delays the first application of fertilizer for an aquarium by 2 to 3 months. From the second month, you can start applying potash fertilizers in small doses. And after three months, I have already introduced a full-fledged composition of the elements necessary for plant nutrition.

In the case of preparing for the launch of an aquarium with soil devoid of nutrients, you can start the introduction of starter kits for plant nutrition already at the start. The main thing is not to overdo it and learn to carefully observe the reaction of plants. Don’t be afraid to experiment. No instructions will be exhaustive for your aquarium because it is unique both in composition and in the number of its inhabitants. In such a delicate matter as aquatic plant fertilizers, the result will largely depend only on your observation and quick wits. AquaSmile online store will help you make the right decision, choose the necessary fertilizers for the aquarium and buy them.

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