Best Kitchen Knives Brands of 2022

Best Kitchen Knives Brand of 2022

A sharp and good quality knife forms the basic foundation of a great meal. It adds finesse to the overall aesthetic of a dish. The right kind of knife selection will depend on many factors, like the size of your hands, comfort level with knives, and what kind of food you will cook.

The knives are available in various sizes, generally from six to fourteen inches blades. The most commonly used knife is the one having eight inches of blade. The long blade of the knife will make the work of dicing, chopping, mincing, peeling, fileting, cubing,  slicing, and other standard prep very easy. Various kitchen knife brands offer reasonably priced and expensive high-end knives.

The knives are versatile; apart from chopping, they can smash the garlic, debone meat in a few minutes,  and excellent slicing of herbs and nuts. The knives vary in blade length, style, material, and how they are made. There are basically two broad types of knives  available in the market :

  • German knives: These knives are characterized by their heavy weight and thick blade.
  • Japanese Knives: These are lightweight and have thin razor sharp blades 

Out of many kitchen knives brands available in the market, Senken Knives holds a very special place in the hearts of cooking professionals. They offer the best-quality knives, are carefully heat-treated and sharpened for razor-sharp cutting, and are highly durable. You can read Senken Knives Review to learn more about their high-end knife collection.

Let us look at some of the most popular kitchen knives brands, which are used by some of the most prominent celebrity chefs in the world. Best Kitchen Knives Brand of 2022

Some of the prominent Kitchen knives Brands are as follows:

  1. Kiwi Stainless Steel 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Kiwi knives have a cult following. They offer the knives at a very economical price without compromising on the quality of the blades. The knife is handy for chopping herbs, slicing meat, and dicing vegetables. The life of the knife is increased by regularly sharpening the blades. They offer a set of these chef’s recommended knives at $15. Please read our Kitchen Knives Brands.

2.Opinel Le Petit Chef

Opinel Le Petit Chef offers knives that can be easily folded. These mini chef’s knives are best for young chefs and kids who want to slice and dice. The blade has sharp edges, but the small size of the knife makes it the perfect choice for kids. The red ring on the knives offers a good claw grip, ensuring safety. The knife is a worthy investment for all young cooking enthusiasts.

  1. Korin Suisin Carbon Steel Gyuto

The Korin’s knives are by far one of the best carbon steel knives. Their small blade sizes knives of about 5 to 6 inches are best for the smaller hands. The knives can be sharpened to a razor’s edge, and it holds the edge for a longer time. Regular wiping of the knife after cleaning will ensure that the carbon blades do not rust easily. Please read our Kitchen Knives Brands.

4.Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

German-style Wüsthof chef’s knives are high-end knives for professionals and home cooks. The knives are generally heavier but comfortable to hold and do the chopping, dicing, and fileting perfectly. The price of the knife is $170. Please read our Kitchen Knives Brands.

  1. Benchmade Station Knife

Benchmade Station Knife comes up with the best quality pocket knives. The company offers customization of the knives by allowing you to select steel for the blades and the color of the handle. The knives consist of wide blades with angles formed at the sharp points, which are quite helpful in getting a tight spot. It is efficient in coring out the stem of fruit and cutting off the small corner of the bone. The price of the knife is $325.

  1. Tojiro DP Gyutou

Tojiro’s DP Gyutou offers premium quality knives at a great price. The knife holds an edge nearly as well as blades giving an outstanding, solid grip to your hands. The blade of the knife offers very precise and thin slicing. The height of the handle is a little, suitable for larger hands. The price of the Tojiron knife is $100. Please read our Kitchen Knives Brands.

  1. Global G-2 8-Inch Chef Knife

Global’s G-2 8-inch chef’s knife is very popular amongst working chefs. It is by far the best kitchen knife brand and is a low-maintenance carbon steel knife. The lightweight knife is very easy to handle without any hassle. Due to the soft steel of the blade, they have a razor edge that is attained by regular sharpening very easily. The price of the Global knife is $129. Please read our Kitchen Knives Brands.

8.NoBox Chef Knife

NoBox Chef’s knife offers a collection of traveling and camping knives. The thinner and curved shape of the knife is useful in the smooth slicing of a fish filet. The well-balanced full-length edge of the knife is capable of holding its edges pretty well. The price of the knife was $50.

Wrapping up With The Kitchen Knives Brands

 The best quality knives are very helpful in cooking dishes that are not only delicious but also quite presentable. The many different types of knives which have been an integral part of the kitchen are butcher, serrated, and electric knives. These knives are useful for chopping meat and vegetables, slicing and fileting the meat, and fine-chopping nuts and herbs for garnishing. We have listed the eight most popular kitchen knives brands of all types from all around the world. If you are a professional chef,  a home cook, or a young cooking enthusiast, you v]can choose your favorite knife as per your needs.

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