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A pool and a patio combined? Is it a new concept? Is it a one-of-a-kind project? So many questions start kicking up I your mind. Apart from that the entire though process behind it like the size, shape and materials to be used also start jumping in the mind.

But people at Sandal luxury pools are there to help you with customized pool designs. So, if you want to get a pool, mess free and stress free than it is your go to company that provides customized pool designs for its users. No matter which pool style you choose for your pool patio or even if customization is required, they are there for you.

Atlanta Pool builder’s guide for Pool Patio’s

Will the patio be comfortable space under the sun? How to make a pool patio a more comfortable area? What materials to use? How to make it more aesthetically pleasing? How to save cost? Will it get too slippery when wet? These and so many more questions come in your mind while designing a pool patio. Pool companies in Atlanta gives you tips to manage this thought process. Let’s have a look

There are few basic materials used to build a patio by pool companies in Atlanta. It includes natural stone, concrete, pavers and wood.

Natural stone

Don’t burn your feet!!!

Pool Patio’s are mostly open areas exposed by the sun. Hence look out! And don’t opt for materials that get too hot under the sun. Especially, people living under toasty climates should be more conscious of this situation. Stones like travertine are a popular choice among the users because of its cooling nature and light color. The color compliments the pool and looks attractive. However, it is labor intensive and adds up to the budget. Flagstone is another popular material but it gets too hot, making it least preferred.


Don’t you slip!!!

Concrete is an easy to install material that has been a hot favorite by many pool companies in Atlanta. It’s been around for years. Concrete is less time consuming and can be a perfect fit with a variety of color palate. Concrete is also available in various textures. Stamped concrete is the choice of this generation. It is aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately it is slippery for many and is also prone to cracks. It can also not be used in case you are planning an extended patio. As there will be a visible difference between the texture and color of the old and new concrete. Hence, not an ideal choice for a pool patio material.


Avoid scraping your feet!!!

Many customers prefer paver because of its anti-slip, cooling and easy replacement properties. Pavers are safe heaven for your wet feet. Their texture is enough to provide the anti-slip effect and not scrape your feet. Light and earthy tones absorb less sun light, giving a cool effect on the feet And because of its variation in color and texture it is easily replaceable in case of any underground plumbing leaks. Moreover, if you plan to extend your patio in the near future, then too it is the perfect choice of material. As you will not be able to differentiate between the new and old pavers.


Wood looks extremely nice but is a highly care requiring material. It easily deteriorates hence demands care and maintenance all the time. This makes it a highly demanding and heavy on the pocket material, not preferred by many.

Pool companies in Atlanta recommends which material for the Patio?

There is no perfect fit material available. It all depends on the customer’s choice, need and preference. It is a give and take relation. Some will compromise on the looks and prefer comfort while others want an aesthetically pleasing pool patio with little concern about the safety. Atlanta pool builders always guides their clients to the best of their abilities but in the end, choice is only yours.

Few design tips by Atlanta pool builders for your Pool Patios:

Designing a pool patio is a complex process that requires experience and know how of many things. Always opt for a seasoned company like Sandal Luxury Pools, who are there to guide you in decision making process.

There is a misconception among many clients that pool patio is an area right out side the pool. That is not the case. It can be extended to an outdoor kitchen or an out-door dining area. Hence, making your free time more enjoyable and memorable.

Orientation of the patio pool needs to be kept in mind. How the chairs are going to be placed to get maximum sun light? Will the pool patio be under a lot of house shade? And many such questions need proper planning to obscure maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Pavers more Expansive?

Ans: Pavers are heavy on the pocket but offers great durability and value for money as compared to concrete that has easy installation process.

Q: Do pavers increase home value?

Ans: Paver’s pool patio are durable, require less maintenance and are easy on the pocket making it a perfect reason to increase home value.

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