Best Tools to Digitize Your Digital Transformation

It’s certainly no secret that almost everything these days has gone digital. Pretty much anything you want or need to do, can now be done on your laptop or smartphone quickly and easily. With endless amounts of online tools, electronic options and smartphone apps, driving to the bank to manage your finances is becoming nearly primitive. Completely digital transformation your finances can help make your life easier, here are the best online tools to use.

Almost every bank (especially major ones) have online websites to utilize. Not only will you be saving stress with checking the mail and sending in bills on time, you will also be helping to save the planet and be kind to the Earth. Online banking tools include both direct deposits as well as bill pay.

Direct deposit: Direct deposit means that your paycheck will be automatically sent to your checking account. This will ensure that your paycheck is never lost or stolen, you can avoid trips to the bank, your money is always deposited even if you forget (which is unlikely) and some banks even offer discounts or free checking accounts that use direct deposit.

Pay Bills: Automatic bill pay is an awesome digital tool to help manage finances because it makes payments nearly instant so you don’t have to worry about sending in bills to get there on time, or spend money on postage. You will be reminded of when your bills are due, you can transfer funds quickly an easily and you can also use recurring payments.

Financial planning: Managing your money has become easier with digital tools that aim to help simplify your financial life. You can formulate a financial plan and keep track of your finances through a number of online devices. Bookkeeping through virtual sites like Quicken can help you organize your expenses into categories and track your income as well. You no longer have to use a bank book or paper bills and checks. Simply plan out your finances in an easy and simple manner using online tools.

Budgeting: Keeping a budget would be much more difficult if digital sites weren’t around. There are a number of websites that help you create and track your spending and saving, making it much easier to track where your money is going, and stick to a budget. Free online budget sites include and, and they can help you track spending, saving and investments. Anyone can become a master money manager with these digital tools.

Mobile Apps- You don’t have to be sitting at a computer to manage your finances. With smartphone apps catering to almost everything and anything these days, there are plenty to help you digitize your money on the go. Many banks offer a number of ways to use smartphone applications to bank from your phone. With these apps you can make transactions, text banking options and find bank and ATM locations near you via geo-location tracking. This secure online and digital banking service is an award-winning digital tool to help you manage everything from bills and accounts, to household utilities and magazine subscriptions. is a one-stop place where consumers can see all of their expenses in a single spot, and can even use sites like Netflix and Groupon to make life easier. A great feature of this website is that is provides free, unlimited online document storage which automatically organizes, stores and pulls account documents. This amazing digital tool also sends automatic email or text message reminders to you when your bills are almost due, when its time to use a Groupon or LivingSocial voucher, or when your travel points are about to expire. Not only does this website help you stay up to date on all of your payments as well as keep all of your money in order, it also has amazing smartphone apps for the iPhone and Android.

Credit Sesame- Credit Sesame is a free online service to help consumers track and manage credit and debt. This digital tool provides automatic loan and debt tracking tools that will help consumers better manage money and know where their finances are. A great feature of this online instrument, is that after you sign up, the site automatically pulls your information to show you your free credit score. Managing credit and debt has never been easier with this site, and it’s a great way to ensure you are taking care of managing your money in the right way.

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