Here at Eclipse Holsters, we take very seriously our work. We believe that our Kydex gun holsters rank among the top available currently and we work hard to give our customers amazing value for money. We recognize that you’ve been working hard, and we’d like to ensure that what you get is the very best of the finest.

What is it that is it that sets custom leather holsters us apart from other holsters available? In fact, this is exactly what we’d like talk about in this blog. If you’ve considered the purchase of an Eclipse Holster, keep reading to discover why we believe our product is the most suitable alternative available.


If you’re looking for an OWB Holster or an IWB one, we have the holster you need. The choice to carry a gun with is a remarkably personal one, however what makes it personal is your personal comfort. Of course, you’ll want make sure that the gun holster won’t be lost in your entire working day. However, you need to feel secure enough that it doesn’t become an obstacle.

With plenty of choices to pick from there’s a good chance you’ll discover the model that is perfect for the gun you prefer and your method of carrying, all and still remain extremely relaxed.

Buy it nice or Buy it twice

If you’ve heard the term “buy it nice or buy it twice” then you’re aware of what’s in store with our accessories for holsters. In an age and age, where there are lots of products that aren’t durable we’d like to set an example. We believe in purchasing items designed to last. From kitchen appliances to clothing buying items that last will save your money at the end of the day.

Kydex gun holsters come with a life-time warranty since our goal is to ensure that you can feel sure that you will be able to make use of it and not have to think about purchasing another one later in the year. Are you able to say the same about your phone?


The comfort we mentioned above however we’d like to remind you that every one of our designs have gone through custom shoulder holsters numerous prototypes and tests to ensure that it’s comfortable enough to wear in the daytime. The key to comfort is having confidence in your gun, and it’s one of our main priorities at Eclipse Holsters.

From the initial concept through testing and production we look over every step to ensure that our customers receive the same quality product that we would want to do ourselves. That’s because this is exactly the way we work!


We have a large selection of equipment on our site and encourage you to browse around and choose the right accessory for you. There are a lot of items available in which are marked down. No matter what you pick we are looking forward to sharing a high-quality product. Make sure to order yours today!

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