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Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or a web-based business, Clickoot provides the right delivery software to boost your business. The company provides an online ordering system, customized web apps, and mobile apps that help you manage your delivery partners and increase revenue. The software also features real-time alerts and tracking capabilities so you can easily track your orders no matter where you are.


GetSwift is a comprehensive delivery software that can help you deliver orders fast. Its dashboard lets you manage your day’s schedule, and it alerts you if a driver is running late or is in the wrong location. GetSwift also allows you to manage the capacity of your vehicles. It also includes a comprehensive reporting suite that can help you analyze data. Drivers can access their reports from the dashboard. The software is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

You can choose a free 30-day trial and pay only 29 cents per delivery. Other features include unlimited users, route optimization, proof of delivery tools, and live ETAs. The company also provides support to merchants who need help with the software.

GetSwift’s delivery management software was designed for small businesses. With real-time dispatching, tracking, and management capabilities, it allows small businesses to scale quickly. GetSwift also integrates with various POS systems and offers an open API. If you have an in-house driver and a limited budget, GetSwift might be the right option for you.

GetSwift’s pricing structure makes it easier to scale and maintain a business with a small number of employees. Its monthly subscription is affordable, and it provides a dedicated support team, if necessary. The software also has the ability to send automated messages and updates to customers. One of the downsides of GetSwift is that it is not suitable for medium or large-scale businesses.


Delivery management software is one of the fastest-growing software categories in today’s market. It can help you streamline the entire delivery process, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce fuel costs. In addition, delivery management software can offer white glove delivery solutions. Moreover, it can help you keep track of orders and track the delivery status in real-time.

When you compare delivery management software, you should take into consideration features, platforms, and regions. Also, you should compare different integrations and support options. You can also compare user reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of features you need, you can start comparing various products.

Clickoot provides a web-based delivery management system. Its advanced features include an online ordering system, custom web apps, and mobile applications, allowing you to manage delivery partners and improve revenue. The company also offers real-time alerts so you can monitor and track order status from anywhere.


The Clickoot delivery management system offers a complete logistics management solution that helps companies manage all aspects of delivery and fulfillment. The software enables companies to better manage inventory, engage with customers, and streamline business operations. The Clickoot platform helps organizations of all sizes manage their delivery operations with ease and precision. Clickoot features an intuitive App marketplace, comprehensive features, and white-glove delivery solutions.

The Clickoot platform offers a web-based delivery management system with customized mobile and web apps. It helps companies manage their delivery partners and automate several processes such as carrier selection, order tracking, and package management. It also offers real-time alerts and a robust online ordering system.


Clickoot provides the best delivery software for businesses looking to streamline their delivery processes. This software helps companies reduce costs, streamline inventory, and engage with customers at every step of the delivery process. This software also helps businesses manage multiple types of deliveries at once, and provides real-time tracking and analytics.

Clickoot has a range of customizable solutions for delivery managers, including mobile apps and web applications. It is also a cloud-based software platform, which means it can be used from anywhere. This software is especially useful for managing multiple delivery partners, ensuring a high level of accuracy, and improving the overall productivity of delivery teams.

Choosing the right delivery management software is crucial to a business’s success. It allows businesses to integrate various functions and processes, from live status updates to ticket assignment portals, GPS-powered tracking, and mobile apps. Using a template and listing your exact requirements will allow you to compare delivery management software side by side.

Delivery management software provides complete visibility of operations and allows managers to assign jobs, monitor driver performance, and communicate with customers. It also offers real-time tracking of deliveries and can send reminders to drivers and customers. It can also automate and manage the warehouse, reducing the burden of hiring and renting storage units.


Tookan provides an on-demand delivery management service that is great for restaurants with their own driver team. Tookan integrates with popular POS systems and messaging systems. Its customer support team is available round the clock. It also offers a free 14-day trial, making it easy to try it out before you purchase.

Besides providing an online ordering system, Clickoot offers customizable mobile and web applications to help its customers manage delivery partners. Moreover, the platform offers real-time alerts that let them know the status of each order, enabling them to manage them better and increase their revenue.

A good delivery management software system can help businesses manage their inventory and deliver a better customer experience. Moreover, it automates the delivery dispatch process. It also tracks the status of an order in real time and suggests shorter routes. It also facilitates correspondence between delivery agents and customers.

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