Cutting-Edge Full Height Biometric Turnstiles for Single Lane Applications

The use of access control systems in high-security facilities has become increasingly important in recent years, and full height turnstiles continue to be a popular option. These turnstiles provide a secure barrier for personnel and ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to restricted areas. In this article, we explore the benefits of full height biometric turnstiles for single-lane applications and how these systems are taking security measures to the next level.

What are Full Height Turnstiles?

Full height turnstiles are security gates that physically restrict access to certain areas using a turnstile mechanism. These turnstiles can be integrated with other security systems such as biometric scanners, RFID readers, and card readers. Full height turnstiles are effective in providing controlled entry and exit points to ensure that only authorized personnel can access critical areas.

Biometric Technology

Biometric technology is rapidly gaining popularity in access control systems, making it an ideal option for high-security facilities. Biometric scanners can scan fingerprints, facial recognition, and iris recognition to verify individuals’ identity, offering heightened security measures. Full biometric turnstiles harness the advantages of biometric technology by integrating the technology into the entrance system. The integration of biometric technology with full height turnstiles ensures only authorized personnel access to restricted areas.

Single-Lane Applications

Facilities with multiple entry and exit points often utilize multi-lane turnstiles, which can accommodate several people at once. However, full height turnstiles can also be installed as single-lane applications, which can be used in facilities with fewer people entering the restricted areas. The use of full height turnstiles as a single-lane application can provide enhanced security measures against intrusion and unauthorized entry, as it provides more pronounced restrictions that can stop intruders in their tracks.

Access Control Integration

Access control is a vital aspect of security management that controls who has access to restricted areas. Integrated card readers, RFID readers, and biometric scanners function optimally to provide secure and reliable access control measures. When integrated with full height turnstiles, access control systems offer streamlined entry points that are secure and easy to manage for security personnel. Turnstiles provide a means of physical control that enhances and augments the effectiveness of access control integration.

Adjustable Features

Full height biometric turnstiles are versatile in functionality, with customizable features that can be adapted to specific facility requirements. Height adjustment features are necessary for accommodating different personnel sizes. Additionally, the turnstiles can be customized to restrict certain types of items from entering restricted areas, such as baggage or electronic devices, preventing unwanted or unauthorized items from being transported into critical areas.


The use of full height biometric turnstiles for single-lane applications provides improved and robust security measures for high-security facilities. The integration of biometric technology into full height turnstiles ensures that only authorized personnel access restricted areas. The adjustment features and customizable options provided by full height turnstiles offer a versatile access control solution that can be tailored to any facility’s specific needs. The security benefits of full height turnstiles in access control systems make them an indispensable tool for any high-security facility that values and prioritizes personnel and facility safety.

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