Follow these Steps for a Smudge Proof Kajal

Steps for a Smudge Proof Kajal

If everyone should have one makeup item, it is a kajal kohl pencil. A kajal pencil, especially if channelling your inner Indian diva, can probably be your rite of passage into makeup town. Whether you want to go for heavily kohl-rimmed eyes or just want to ace the classic cat-eye liner look, you can always rely on this one product. Unfortunately, many kajals often run down and smudge, especially when worn in hot and humid summer months. One can forget about kajal smudges by incorporating these simple yet effective tips. 

1. Thoroughly cleanse your face

Make sure to wash your face thoroughly before putting on makeup to remove grit, dust, or grease. Use a gentle cloth to pat dry it. This step is crucial, especially for oily skin beauties. 

2. Prepping your eyes is a must

Don’t forget to prime your eyes to attain that flawless smudge-proof kajal look. Giving the right base to your eyes fosters seamless application and locks in the product. After applying a primer, top it off with a concealer. Loose powders are excellent for a seamless and smooth finish.  The loose powder will absorb all of the excess oil, resulting in a smudge-free and long-lasting finish.

3. Carefully apply the Kajal

First and foremost, ensure that you are applying the Kajal correctly. Begin by properly applying Kajal to the waterline. At first, you lay a finger beneath your eyes and gently draw the lower waterline down. After that, you apply the Kajal to your lower waterline.

The majority of folks begin at the inner corner of their eyes and work their way outward. Because the inner corners of the eyes are moist, the Kajal pencil may become wet. So, work from the outer to the inner corner and apply 2-3 strokes depending on the intensity you want.

Investing in a good quality kajal is a must as it can make or break your look. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Longlasting Kajal is a great pick. It has a smudge-proof, transfer-resistant, and waterproof formula with a one-stroke application. It is one of the best smudge proof Kajal available in the Indian market. 

4. Lock the look with an eyeshadow 

After swiping your Kajal, apply a little amount of black eye shadow beneath the lower eyelid. The eye makeup will absorb the additional grease, giving you a flawless matte finish. With this matte black eyeshadow, your kajal/kohl will be smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and long-lasting. Furthermore, it aids in the intensification of your Kajal.


Nothing beats a Kajal for enhancing the natural shape and attractiveness of your eyes. It is, without a doubt, the most popular makeup item among Indian ladies. Even if you do not want to wear full makeup, glamming up with Kajal and eyeliner enhances your face. Always buy makeup products that are cruelty-free and paraben-free as our eyes are extremely delicate. By incorporating these tips and tricks into your day-to-day makeup look, you can rock your favourite kohl-rimmed eyes with a simple stroke on the lower lid or a subtle upper eye flick and say goodbye to smudge.

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