How dads can help manage back-to-school stress


How dads can help manage back-to-school stress

Back to school. Comes around every year? It always finds a way to creep up on us. Joining us with the debt perspective on the upcoming school year is the host of the Good Life Project Podcast. Jonathan Field is trying to Jonathan. It’s great to be here with you. It’s fun seeing Ben over at when either way I grew up. I grew up in Port Washington to bring back memories, right? Did you ever adopt a dog from over there? Didn’t. Sadly I’m allergic, does it in play? When I could shut my eyes and everything you do has a positive end to it and I can hear it using your voice.

And I have to tell you, as a single mom, I know that I’m targeted right?  All the things related to children are geared toward the moms and the families. But I really appreciate and love that you’ve taken this. This meant a lot because it really does take a village. So from your perspective, from the dead, how dads the dads in a child’s life really step in to help relieve the stress? That is human beings trying to raise children and send them off to school. Many students in universities want premium thesis writing services because they are anxious about their academic papers.

Yeah. And speaking as a dad, I know I’ve been to that many with the kid in college right now. So let’s start kids and pay. So, you know, kids have so much pressure and anxiety these days. So one of the things you really want to just remind them is that greets don’t define that. Everybody has their own genius and over time defeated theirs.

Talk to about anything:

It’s real Let them know that they can talk to you about anything that you may not be able to solve a problem, but knowing they have a safe place where you just listen to that and it means a lot. And 3rd, its 10 simple breath centering exercise relax and focus. So when they’re needed, they can really just calm down the one that comes to mind immediately for me, it’s simply doubling the length of your exhale. So in help for table XL for 4 and by the way, for parents, that’s a pretty good thing stop for a moment about the partners one second, Jonathan, because I have a question.

And it’s a little bit of a challenge because all of those things that you just mentioned are things that I do are a mom. Doesn’t land differently when it comes from a dad, you know, because I’ve had to play the Roland dad in a lot of situations of my own children.

But tell us how it’s a message that it’s different coming from a man.  You know, it’s interesting. I think it really depends on the relationship that any particular father has with their kid and incredibly close with my daughter my wife and I had played co-parenting roles for the entire time sweeping certain people involved. Many students say do my assignments when they are anxious about their assignments.

Adds support to children:

But that’s not always the case. I think for dads especially guys who maybe haven’t been as It’s a it’s great opportunity to actually step. And if they children, they don’t come out with a come out of the manual. You kind of have to just kind of talk to people like you.

I wouldn’t that be nice bright with a road map. But also I think there are also on single you know, who’ve done it by choice. And so they’re learning that too. But your point on, it’s far easier. I think when you when you do with the co-parent, how do we support each other as partners headed adds support their partners. Yeah, you know, I am the same when you think when a child is born.

 You know, there’s love that. We to LA and the do lab don’t take care of the child that takes care of the parent who’s taking care of the child. And I think we have an opportunity as dads to look at whomever we might have them, you know, the good fortune of partnering with and saying what do they need? How can I support them? So rather than just assuming? And I think this is the really big key.

How your child deals with the stress:

We sometimes assume you know what, right don’t ever assume. Just ask what you actually need. It may be something completely unrelated to taking care of the child and just to helping out with how your partner’s feelings on my gosh, I love that. Last-minute lease Houck and Ed deal with the stress and back to school I’ll ask you, do you how do you experience as a father how you experience the stress affects school and what to do to be mindful of it so that you don’t try to chip 2 children.  

You know, I have a daughter who’s a senior in college right and to the stresses, keep going up and up and up. And as any parent knows child stress and to think your stress you know, we breathe in when they’re born and we breathe out sometime decades later, the front left. But most important.

I think this is a mindset shift. We have to make it. Is accepting that you cannot control your kid’s life or keep them entirely safe. Happy and at peace. And actually, it’s hard for parents, but the best we can do is share the skills needed to navigate those tough moments so that when they stumble and face challenges, they 16 on their own terms and get self-confidence and self-esteem.

That helps not only discussed but also the U.S. to start to breathe more easily time here for all of this. And I’m I have a 16 and a 13-year-old so I can imagine. But congratulations on you.  Your college child. Congratulations on doing all of it. And thank you for joining us this morning.

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