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eyefinity ehr

If you’re new to the Eyefinity EHR software, you may wonder how to learn the software. This article covers its cost, features, training, image management, and image storage capabilities. You’ll also learn how to capture external photos using the iPad app and automatically bill for them! In addition to taking the photos on your iPad, Eyefinity EHR allows you to upload and associate them with each patient’s visit.


Eyefinity EHR is a web-based application that allows doctors to save time while performing patient exams. The Eyefinity EHR is a comprehensive EHR that begins and ends patient appointments. It allows doctors to enter and update patient information as well as perform pre-tests. Once the patient enters the exam lane, the Eyefinity EHR automatically transfers the data from the patient’s previous records and integrates it with the integrated equipment.

Eyefinity EHR is an electronic health record (EHR) solution for optometry practices. The program includes charting, E/M coding, and appointment management. It is HIPAA compliant and ONC-ATCB-certified. In addition to the comprehensive EHR features, Eyefinity EHR also offers online support and business-hours support. Additionally, it integrates with the Eyefinity Practice Management software.


In addition to implementing Eyefinity EHR software, practice managers can also benefit from using this program. It is designed for iPad touchscreens and stores all patient data securely in the cloud. Eyefinity EHR technology allows physicians to spend more time with their patients and earn up to $350 per patient per day. The software also allows patients to report their medical, family, and social histories online prior to their visit. It can also integrate with OfficeMate workflow.

Among the many pros and cons of Eyefinity EHR, the cost of learning the software is higher than the industry average. The program has a price of around $100 per provider, which includes customization, data migration, training, and hardware. A license to Eyefinity EHR also covers ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support. However, it does not offer the flexibility that other EHRs offer. You may want to consider the cost of training before you purchase.


When you’re considering purchasing Eyefinity EHR, make sure that you take advantage of training for the software that will help you achieve your business goals. You may also be interested in learning more about the Eyefinity practice management system. VSP Global products and programs can help you meet your goals while growing your business. For example, you can take a course that teaches you how to integrate other systems with Eyefinity to create a more efficient workflow.

Most EHR systems have an online user manual and portals with a database of frequently asked questions. ExamWRITER provides an online user’s guide, which you can search by topic. The Knowledge Base tab contains background information, how-tos, and tips for locating information. It also includes related videos. For more advanced training, your business services provider can arrange one-on-one or group training.

Image Management

Eyefinity EHR includes Image Management to help doctors efficiently review patient images. Eyefinity Image Management can be used on both the iPad and the web application, but the features differ slightly. The compact view mode organizes the image tray into rows, making it easy to navigate between studies. This feature also makes it easy for doctors to view images while in the field. The image management tool is a valuable addition to Eyefinity EHR.

Eyefinity Practice Management is a leading cloud-based practice management software. The Eyefinity EHR integrates with Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), a cloud-based EHR solution. The combined solution will reduce per-patient tasks while building a high-quality practice. Eyefinity EHR also supports multi-location practices, cloud-based documenting, and built-in data backup.


One of the advantages of EYEFINITY EHR is its seamless integration with OfficeMate, a popular patient management software. This allows doctors to use the same patient data from their desktop, iPad, or even their smartphones. With this software, optometrists can streamline the entire exam process by automating key steps. It also allows doctors to easily access patient records and prescriptions from any electronic device. The seamless integration with OfficeMate eliminates the need for costly software upgrades and server crashes. Read about office ally practice mate to check its integration.

In order to integrate Eyefinity EHR with Eyefinity Practice Management, you must first enable the EHR portal. Once it is enabled, you will need to enter information that will enable the Eyefinity integration with other software. Ensure that all the required information is correct and that any changes will not break the integration. Then, click the “Save” button. You should be able to see a list of all the apps and software integrations that are available to you.

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