How to Protect Yourself From VoIP Fraud Attacks

VoIP Fraud Attacks

 The latest VoIP technology is easy to use and inexpensive to set up. The modern-day business phone falls prey to fraud. 

The basic problem with this kind of VoIP number is that it is too difficult to trace the call. If you want to know how to deal with these kinds of scammers, There are many people who become victims of VoIP fraud. 

If you check out the VoIP provider that checks out all the call encryption through TLS and SRTP. The VoIP Service Providers provide the maximum privacy and check the call performance in every VoIP call. Some VoIP service providers offer built-in call encryption. You must need to ask about it. 

Phishing (VoIP Phishing)

The Phone scam is also known as VoIP Phishing. The process of fraud begins with the appearance of the real caller ID. It is displayed on the valid telephone number. It is from a validated and trusted source. 

The scammer tries to convince the unsuspecting individual to disclose critical personal data and provide financial information.

The caller will prey on two key factors. Firstly they want to get the information they need, Secondly, the person has a fear of financial stability.  The scammer becomes successful. Most people trust caller ID without knowing that it is a fake person. 

How to Protect Yourself From VoIP Fraud Attacks

Some VoIP phone attacks are sophisticated, sometimes, it becomes a challenge to come to know about legitimate calls and attempts to steal an identity. Here, you find some steps, to protect yourself. You must follow these instructions: 

  • You should not assume that any call is coming from a good intention. You must stay on the latest scams.
  • Don’t give your personal information over the call unless you must initiate the call.
  • The cybersecurity experts also recommended that you must change login details for all the devices in a month.
  • You must not call the number that is sent from unsolicited Emails sent to you.
  • If you have any doubt about who is calling you, let the caller leave a message on the voicemail.
  • The good news is that successful VoIP fraud attacks are rare. You must be vigilant against the threat, otherwise, you could inadvertently leak your customer list.

If you go deeper. Some companies provide complete VoIP security and call encryption. It is worth reading. You can also share with your team members. 

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Top VoIP security threats

Every businessman is conscious of the types of VoIP Security threats. You must need to know how you can handle all these threats 

Denial of Service (DoS):

This attack depletes the network’s resources, causing phone service to be disrupted and calls to be dropped. This can affect call quality, latency, and uptime in a call centre.

Controlling your PBX:

 to “scan” other telephone networks is referred to as “war dialling.” It connects to modems or other interesting extensions by dialling numbers.

Toll fraud:

like war dialling, necessitates access to your phone system’s ability to make calls to an outside line. Attackers have the ability to dial expensive international numbers, racking up costly toll charges.

VoIP Phishing: 

VoIP Phishing is a type of attack that preys on unsuspecting users who place their trust in their caller ID. Victims reveal information such as the internal IP network, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Interception of calls:

 Attackers intercept unencrypted SIP traffic over unsecured networks. To make matters worse, video is also a possibility.


It should come as no surprise that robocalls and other phone scams frequently target voicemail boxes. Many people use “Private” or “Restricted” caller ID.


Malicious software is used by attackers to steal phone or email credentials. More opportunities to infiltrate your network and exfiltrate sensitive business data may arise as a result of this.

These threats are especially alarming if you’ve set up a home phone system. It’s no longer the right fit as the company has grown. A self-hosted Asterisk PBX, for example, may be sufficient for some, but it’s a tempting target for hackers. For months, VoIP attacks could go unnoticed and undetected.

You must think about the VoIP service Provider. You must take into consideration the cost. You must be more concerned about the security issues. 

Must Choose Secure VoIP Service Provider: 

The security of the VoIP phone system is related to the implementation and compliance with security protocols.

If you have any Cloud PBX, you need to make sure that the VoIP service provider must fulfil security requirements. It also depends on industry and fulfilment of specific needs. The best way to start the investigation is to ask about the VoIP service provider. You must ask these questions?

  • What Accreditation do you possess?
  • Do you use any third-party software or tools?
  • How do you retrain and train your employees?
  • How do you handle security breaches?
  • Are you able to encrypt calls using TLS and SRTP?


VoIP UK service Providers must answer these questions. You must think deeply about the VoIP requirements. You must keep in mind top certification in your mind. 

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • ISO/IEC 20071 
  • PCI Compliance –
  • SOC 2 Compliance –

This Accreditation gives peace of mind. It is quite challenging to certify on-premises PBX and home-based phone systems. It is running on Google Cloud. You would not take chances with VoIP Security.

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