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Cancer is a term that has gained the most popularity in the past few decades. It has in turn become a household name. Every now and then there’s a referral to something that we do which can in turn become cancerous. Also given the degree of the morbidity and mortality cancer is a very dangerous and fatal disease.

There are a plethora of types of cancers, be it breast cancer, brain cancer, brain stem cancer, spinal cord cancer, bone cancer, cartilage cancer also called as chondrosarcoma, uterine cancer, stomach cancer, oesophageal cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, eye cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and so many more to add to that count.

Amongst all these, one of the most prevailing forms of cancer is prostate cancer in males, hence this article further elaborates on the centros de tratamiento de cancer de prostata en Guatemala and further details about cancer as a disease itself.

On the first hand, what is cancer defined as?

To begin with, cancer can be defined biologically as a disease which involves the proliferation of cells in one’s body uncontrollably. When the cells in one’s body begin to multiply and grow rapidly in an uncontrolled manner, that is haphazardly it tends to develop a mass of cells forming a tumour. This tumour further turns cancerous and spreads to invade other parts of the body.

Normally, in a healthy human’s body, it is normal and natural for the cells to grow by dividing and multiplying through a process known as mitosis – which is a type of cell division wherein a single cell gives rise to identical cells by undergoing division. These are the new cells that the body requires to grow and perform functions of the body.

These cells are required mandatorily by the body. However, in this process, the division of cells occurs in a controlled manner. There is a standard control over the rate of this cell division. That is done via a process known as apoptosis. It is the programmed death of cells. As the cells grow older and senile or if in-case they become damaged, these cells eventually die, consequently they will be replaced by the newly forming cells.

This is a cycle that works conventionally which aids in maintaining the total number of cells required and preventing the formation of unnecessary cells. When this mechanism is deranged, it leads to the uncontrollable division of cells which forms tumours.

What can cancer do?

These tumours that are formed as a result of the uncontrolled division of cells, if they are malignant, they possess the ability to spread their boundaries and further invade to the surrounding tissues and even worse, it also spreads to distant areas through blood and lymphatics. When they spread to distant areas, these cancerous cells get implanted in the new site and eventually lead to the development of new tumours at the new site.

What is prostate cancer?

When the cells found in the prostate begin to proliferate, multiply and grow uncontrollably. More specifically, the cells that constitute the prostate gland go haywire in its division and result in the formation of tumours in the prostate gland. There are many different types of prostate cancers itself. Hence, depending on the type of cancer there are various treatment options.

Treatment options:

The first line of therapy includes chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy and finally surgery. A recent addition to the line of cancer treatment is proton therapy. There are many cancer specialising centres across the country that offer more peculiar forms of treatment for specific type of cancer.

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