Kurta – An Evergreen Go-To Fashion Style for Boys & Girls


A baggy, collarless shirt known as a kurta seems popular throughout South Asia. Kurtas is amazing ethnic wear loved worldwide. The kurta for boys has evolved artistically over the centuries, notably in South Asia. It has become a garment for everyday use and ceremonial events. We can trace back the origin of the kurta and Pyjama to the ancient time in Central Asian wandering tunics.

Traditional kurtas have rectangular front and back sections. The side seams are left open at the bottom with variable lengths. It also allows for easy mobility. Both men, as well as women, wear a traditional kurta. It is customarily collarless, but standing collars are becoming more common nowadays. One can wear them over everyday pajamas, soft salwars, churidars, or even less classically over jeans.

Styles of Kurta

Traditional kurtas include fabric that is no-waste fabric. You must choose a soft cotton fabric for your kurta. Tailor, then cut it into a rectangular shape. You can ask for multiple design kurta with a tailor after cutting the rectangular shape. While extensive decorative treatments are possible and the cut is straightforward.

In contrast to many Western-styled sleeves, the arms of a classic kurta are straight and reach the wrist. There is about a 6-12 inch gap between side seams and above the hem. Some kurtas include plackets instead of slits, but this is less common. One can find such collars, achkans, sherwanis, and even Nehru jackets.

Types of kurtas

Boys can select Kurtas from a variety of available choices. At the same time, kurtas for girls are an ongoing fashion trend. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1.   High-Low Kurta

The kurta, cut in a combination of high and short lengths, should make you look fashionable while establishing the trend. By choosing this chic kurta with a mandarin collar with side slits, you can embrace your ethnicity while adding a contemporary spin. A boy can wear white pants or jeans with high-low kurtas for a stunning appearance.

2.   Gorgeous Wedding Kurta

A simple kurta with silk, known as the “queen of materials,” represents pure elegance when worn with a fancy-looking embroidered kurta. The mandarin collared, golden silk kurta for boys with side slits embraces monarchy in the best sense. By bringing a touch of individuality to the design of your kurta, intricate needlework redefines the ethnic style. To finish the appearance, wear it with a matching pair of churidars or combine the item with light bottoms for a striking contrast. You will find kurtas paired with churidar and sardine attractive to women.

3.   Cotton kurta

Kurta’s varieties never cease to amaze us, and the play of lengths is one of our favorites. Cotton kurtas are perfect for any season and are all-time apparel. But, considering this short kurta has a completely different approach and beauty. It has side slits as well as a mandarin collar. Put on chino pants to complete the dapper look.

Both boys and girls can wear these cotton kurtas.

4.   Pathani Kurta

A Pathani kurta with a collar neckline that falls underneath the knee is a “Desi” in the best sense. The boy who wears this look feels more powerful. Choose a patterned pathani kurta with side slits and a shirt collar if the wearer wants anything comfortable yet stylish. To go classic, pair it with a pair of black dhoti pants.

5.   Kurta with Prints

By selecting a multicolored kurta, boys and girls can add an intriguing twist to their conventional appearance. Mixing and matching various designs and prints can do more to improve your attitude than anything else. It has a mandarin collar, a straight cut, and side slits. You only need to add contrasting pajamas or pants to be ready to walk into a daytime event.

6.   Kurta Bandhgala

An individual wears bandhgala suits to one’s neck with a short kurta for boys that gives them a more official appearance. It is the perfect choice for a traditional wedding. This conventional attire has the practicality to keep you cozy during colder months. One should choose the black bandhgala kurta with a mandarin collar if you want something elegant.

7.   Kurta Churidar

The proper method to dress up your basic Churidar kurta for a wedding is to add a hip-length fitted waistcoat. Boys can wear a patterned Nehru with a silk kurta pair to make an impression. For a casual appearance at the Mehendi ceremony, leave the jacket unbuttoned.

Churidar kurta for girl kids with leggings is also famous.


Kurta for boys, girls and kids is trending a lot nowadays. It has a long back and a short front. It looks best when the fabric is poly crepe,, and the hemline is uneven.

Kurtas made of lightweight materials like cotton or silk are trendy in the summer. People generally prefer thick materials like wool, khadi silk, or even hand-spun fabrics in the winter. Nowadays, the modern kurta with wood buttons is a popular choice among buyers.

Hence, kurtas for boys and girls are ideal for both professional and casual settings and are comfortable to wear.

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