Men’s shoes and accessories: How to match?

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For men who like to be always well dressed, one of the main tips for composing a balanced masculine look, is to add accessories to the composition. 

The most fun thing about learning to unite elements in the same look, is that besides always being ready for any occasion; knowing which accessories to insert in the look, becomes easier and easier and becomes part of your routine. 

But when it comes to creating the combination, the main strategy involves other details, such as pattern, color, shoe material, among others. So that means, it’s not enough to add random accessories, it’s important that each item looks good together and completes itself.

Combine belt with men’s shoes

Starting with the most basic item, the combination of shoe and belt is at the top of the most used and easiest of all compositions. Many men invest in this foolproof method, which guarantees a harmonious look without much effort. 

All you have to do is combine belts and shoes that harmonize with each other. To do this, take into account factors such as color, texture, and material. Usually the shade is the main one; by using the same shade for both elements, the chances of making a mistake are minimal, but this doesn’t have to be a rule, because there are some variations that look great together.

For example, you can easily combine a brown shoe with caramel, beige, or cream-colored pieces, and the same goes for black and gray variations.  

Choose the material 

Besides paying attention to the colors, there is another very interesting factor, which is to choose pieces with the same or similar material. 

For example, if the shoe you have chosen is made of leather, the tip is to invest in accessories made from the same or similar material; such as a leather belt, bag, or bracelet.

Another great tip to add to your look are suede or varnish pieces. Although this proposal is more daring, it has been making its presence felt in male productions and makes the look much more eye-catching and stylish.  

Invest in accessories

Add accessories, in a well-dosed way and according to what the occasion asks for. Balance your look with other functional and stylish elements, such as a purse, wallet, belt, and wristwatch. 

In a casual look for example, you can invest in more casual items such as scarves, scarves, sunglasses, and others. For the workplace, tie, purse, and belt. The best thing is to add more information to your look, so that it becomes more attractive and interesting. 

Always remember to harmonize everything according to color, material, and texture. This way your composition will be stylish and elegant in the right measure. 

Before adopting any fashion suggestion, always seek self-knowledge in order to discover which style of look has the most to do with your personality. Taking this care is essential so that you can choose elements more easily and feel at ease. 

With this information, it’s much easier to combine accessories with men’s shoes, isn’t it?  Whether it ‘s sapato mocassim, tennis shoes, sociai shoes, etc. 

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