On-Demand Taxi App Solution: Unique Benefits That Users Will Love

Uber Clone

Right from ordering food to getting your home cleaned and even booking a taxi ride can be done using a smartphone. Technology is strange for real! But as much as it is ‘strange’, it’s ‘surprising’ too. In this blog, we’ll discuss how a simple taxi booking app Kenya provides a gazillion benefits to its users. The unique benefits of the app include a lot of features and functionalities that have helped people shift from the conventional ways of hailing a ride or even manually booking it over a phone call to the local taxi service provider.  


Even businesses gain a lot of profit from these unique benefits and not just the app users. Where users get to book private and luxurious rides, the businesses gain profits and increase their sales. 

However, in this blog, let’s just focus on what your customers will yield using this application.

1. Multiple stop-over points 

The users can add a single destination while booking the taxi and multiple intermediate stop-over points during the same trip. This means that by adding these stop-over points, the user can pause the ride for a specific duration and go to purchase some stuff, drop off items, or even pick up goods you pre-ordered from the stores. 

This unique feature of the taxi booking app Kenya saves multiple trips that the customer would have to take to run around the errands. 

2. Favorite driver

The users can mark as many drivers as they want as their ‘favorites’. Suppose, one of the users took a basic taxi trip from Brighton Park to 1925 S Central Park Ave on 2nd February 2022. Well, the user really enjoyed the driver’s sense of communication, hospitality, and punctuality. So, now they can go straight to the ‘Favorite Driver’ option from the menu and mark any of the previous drivers as ‘Favorite’. 

This will set the priority of sending the next taxi ride request to all the favorite drivers first! 

3. Invite friends and earn cash! 

Referral programs aren’t new but the Uber clone Kenya works differently. Rather than getting points or rewards, your users can earn some good cash. All that they have to do is copy the invitation code from the app and send it to their friends on instant messaging apps or they can directly share it from the app itself! 

Once a person registers on the app using the user’s referral code and completes their first service, the reward is sent directly to the user’s in-app wallet. They can use this cash while paying for other services. 

4. SOS 

How many times did we feel unsafe while traveling alone? We might still feel the same. This is why this app has an SOS or panic button. The users can press this button whenever they feel like they are prone to danger or an unwelcome threat. 

A direct message with a ‘HELP’ and the user’s current location will be sent to the 3 emergency contacts, the police, and the site administrator.  

5. Ride-sharing with Uber clone Kenya

The users can now book a ride-sharing or carpooling option to save some bucks on their daily commute via taxi. It is here in this Uber-like ride option that the user will share the ride with other passengers en routing to the same destination.  

Not only the user gets the benefit of low fare cost, but even the driver also gets to earn more by accepting a single trip only! 


In-app navigation, tips to drivers, real-time ride tracking, and so many others are just another set of benefits that the users get to enjoy on a taxi booking app Kenya. So, if you want to become the KING of on-demand taxi booking services, then here’s the golden chance for you – rebrand a pre-built taxi booking mobile application and website. 

Establish a new venture or take your existing business online with this futuristic app today itself!

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