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Nowadays we are quite familiar with the MSME, MSME registration, or the Udyam registration which was earlier known as the Udyam registration. we will discuss this but before going to this topic we will discuss the MSME.

MSME: What is MSME?

 It has been introduced by the government of India and it has a separate ministry which is known as the Ministry of MSME, its headquarter is in New Delhi. It is the highest executive body that administers and regulates the rules of laws made by the government. It also formulates the rules and sets the criterias for the enterprises which are running in the Indian market.

The MSME is the backbone of our Indian economy, It contributes the maximum to Indian GDP which means it supports our economy in many ways.

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Criterias for the MSME :

For the micro-enterprises: the investment range in manufacturing sectors should be below Rs 25 L and for the service sectors the investment range should not exceed Rs 10 L.

For the Small enterprises: the investment range in manufacturing sectors should be below

 Rs 5 Cr and for the service sectors, the investment should be below Rs 2 Cr.

For the  Medium enterprises: the investment range in manufacturing sectors should not be more than Rs 10 Cr.and for the service sectors the investment should not be more than Rs  Cr. 

Revised criteria for the MSME :

For the Microenterprises: the annual turnover of the firm should be below Rs 1 cr and the annual turnover of the firm is below Rs 5 cr

For the Small enterprises: Here the investment of the enterprises is not more than Rs 10 cr and the annual turnover of the company is not more than Rs 50 cr

For the Medium enterprises: for these criterias, the investment of the firm should not be more than Rs 50  and the annual turnover of the firm should not be more than Rs 250 cr.

So from the above facts,  we have enough knowledge about the criterias for MSME, now we will see the importance of MSME registration:

Need for MSME registration:

So the main aim to introduce this Udyam registration is to support the enterprises that are in operation in the Indian market.

We know that the many business owners who are running their business in the Indian market without any government support,  encounter many difficulties or problems while operating their business.

To curve these problems the Indian government introduced this scheme or plan as Udyam registration or the MSME registration to avail the government’s benefits.

Here you got the complete knowledge about the need for this Udyam Registration.

Now here I will discuss how to apply for the Udyam registration online in the below paragraph :

Process for the Udyam registration :

first of all the applicants have to visit the official website for the registration which is the Udyam registration portal, the link for the registration is given here : 

  • Visit the official web portal ‘
  • tap on the above link for the registration 
  • select the option “for new entrepreneurs”
  • Aadhar details and the name of the applicant have to fill here and tap for the “validation and generate OTP”
  • Next here you get an OTP  on the registered mobile number that you have chosen. Now select on validate. After the validation, your aadhar number will be verified successfully.
  • you will get here the option named type of organization and fill in the PAN details and validate it.
  • get your PAN card validated, and enter your personal information correctly like email id, mobile number, business activity name, etc.
  • after entering all the details tap on the agreement on the terms and conditions option. tap on the “submit and get the final OTP”.
  • Get your final OTP on your registered mobile number. 
  • tap on the “ final submit”

After the final submission, your information is verified by the MSME executive, and finally, you get the E-registration document on the registered email address.

This is the complete details of the procedure of the Udyam registration online. 

Now, after getting registered under the Udyam registration portal, you will get your Udyam registration certificate on your verified email address. 

This certificate will provide enterprises with several benefits.  On the Udyam registration certificate, a dynamic QR code is printed where the details of applicants can be fully accessed.

Now we have a question: how to download this certificate online? To know this answer we have to follow certain steps.

Download the Udyam registration certificate online:

Here are the complete details about how to download the Udyam registration certificate.

  • Open the official Udyam registration portal, it is easy to search on google.
  • You log in here to download the certificate and fill in the UAM Number. After entering all the details, the owner can easily access their account.
  • Fill in the captcha code and submit it.
  • Now find and download the certificate after giving certain details 

Here using these steps you can easily log into your account and can download the Udyam registration certificate online through the Udyam registration portal.

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