PHP vs. Python: Which One To Opt For In Web Development?

PHP vs. Python

Digitization has grown on a large scale recently, and now there is no slowing down. Owning a website has hence become essential, whether you have a small, medium, or enterprise-level business.

Developing a cutting-edge website starts with selecting the right platform to build your website. Two of the most popular ones among these are PHP and Python. Python is both object-oriented and procedure-oriented, while PHP is object-oriented.

Businesses have plenty of options available for choosing the correct programming language. Business leaders often get confused about which one to choose, a PHP or Python development company, to develop a business website.

This blog will compare PHP vs. Python features to help you understand which one to choose.

PHP vs. Python: Which One To Choose?

Both PHP and Python offer extensive features for website development. The best programming language depends on specific project needs. Let’s briefly understand which one you should choose based on several essential features.

  • Community Support

Both the platforms, Python vs. PHP, have a broad community of developers. Python was released in 1991, whereas PHP in 1995. Python community is still growing, on the other hand, PHP comparatively has a stronger community.

In both cases, you have plenty of options in terms of community support to help you out when in need. You can hire PHP developers in India and other European countries to develop a high-quality, cost-effective website.

  • Performance

Several performance-critical websites require quick results, such as banking sector websites. Even a few seconds of delay can significantly affect the overall system.

PHP and Python both offer high performance in such websites, but when compared, PHP is slightly faster than Python. Python offers third-party packages, modules, and libraries for quick project completion. On the other hand, PHP incorporates tools, frameworks, and libraries.

You can partner with a PHP development company for developing a fast-loading website for your business.

  • Security

The importance of security for websites cannot be overstated. It is essential for all kinds of websites, as a secure website is more trustworthy than an unsafe one.

Python has robust security features and is one of the most secure languages globally. Although PHP has had some security issues, the developer community has resolved most of them.

Hence, Python is more secure than PHP websites. However, you may seek PHP development services to develop a secure PHP website

  • Scalability

Regarding Python vs. PHP, in terms of scalability, both these platforms are scalable. Python offers unique advantages in terms of scalability as it offers the latest technology, such as AI, ML, and Data Science. PHP is an excellent option for building large-scale applications but doesn’t offer compatibility with future technologies.

Because PHP uses a scripting language, it can handle increased traffic. Hence, take professional help from PHP or Python development services based on your project needs.

  • Debugging

PHP and Python both offer debuggers. Python offers PDB, an in-built debugger used for debugging strategies. Using PDB, developers can work effortlessly without announcing anything initially. PHP offers XDebug to detect errors in the developer’s code.

Both XDebug and PDB offer debugging features like path mapping, breakpoints, stacks, etc.


PHP and Python both offer extensive features for web development. The best one depends on the business and feature requirements. PHP is an excellent choice for small to medium size businesses, however, for an enterprise-level company, Python is great.
Whatever you choose, hiring a reliable PHP or Python development company is essential. Take advantage of the latest advancements in technology with developers’ skills.

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