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Hoyas are great houseplants; their leaves come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. There are so many different kinds that it can be hard to choose! Did you know that more than 500 Hoyas are known? You can imagine that it made us wonder what the most wanted types of the so-called “Wax Plant” were.

We did some research and asked people in our area for help. We got a lot of suggestions for a wide range of kinds. Here are the most-wanted Hoya plants you chose from an online plant nurseries.

Hoya Kerrii

The most popular and wanted type of Hoya by far is the very cute Hoya Kerrii. This heart-shaped Hoya plant is a must-have for anyone who loves plants. And for those who like variegated leaves, the beautiful Hoya Kerrii is also available with variegated leaves, which is all we want, right?

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

The well-known Hoya Carnosa Tricolor is always a close second. This plant is a colourful version of the basic green Hoya Carnosa, which is less common. The Hoya Carnosa Tricolor is a beautiful plant with big, thick leaves. The outside of these leaves is green, and the middle is white or sometimes even pink. The plant looks fun and makes Hoya fans want it even more.

Hoya Wayetii

The strange Hoya Plant comes in third. This plant stands out from the others in its family because it has long, thin leaves that are bright green in the middle and darker around the edges. If you take good care of her, she will surprise you with some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen.

Hoya Callistophylla

The Hoya Callistophylla is another popular type of Hoya. This girl is the one you want if you want a succulent climber with pretty leaves. With good care, she can grow up to 5 metres long and make flowers that look like stars and smell nice. We bet you can’t make her that tall!

Hoya Australis Lisa

The southern Hoya Lisa is a beautiful variegated version of the plain green Hoya Australis, and she’s an absolute stunner! This type of Hoya Australis has yellow, cream, and light green spots that look almost like a watercolour pattern.

Hoya Mathilde

The Hoya Mathilde is also known as the Hoya Mathilde Variegata or the Hoya Mathilde Splash because the plant’s green leaves have small silver spots on them. And there’s more! If you make this beauty happy, it will give you cute flowers and smell good. This pretty Hoya is a real winner.

Hoya Macrophylla

The Hoya Macrophylla is renowned for its stunning leaves, which have a unique mix of colours. The edges of the leaves are yellow, white, or pink, which looks great with the dark green colour of the rest of the leaf. Aside from that, this beauty stands out from other Hoya plants because her leaves are waxy.


These Hoya plants are the most common, rare, or sought-after. The good news is that most of these varieties have similar care needs, so you won’t have to relearn how to care for each Hoya! Did you already choose a favourite? One of our beautiful Hoyas can help your home grow.

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