Play to Earn Even At Home With These X Blockchain-Based Games

Over the years, the gaming world had a significant increase in value — now at $173 billion. Based on the statistics, it’s capable of surpassing $300 billion within the next five years. One of the critical factors for this boom is a surge of new and exciting mobile game trends. This ultimately led to more players, thanks to its accessibility and convenience.

However, playing games online isn’t just for entertainment. Nowadays, players and developers must’ve realized that there is money in playing. And with this comes the rise of blockchain-based games. It completely turned the tables within the gaming industry as it made players the primary financial decision-makers.

And now, hundreds of play-to-earn blockchain games are readily available. It’s a trend that you shouldn’t ignore.

What Are Blockchain-Based Games?

For starters, blockchain is a type of ledger technology. Its primary function is to store and record various information. What makes it unique is it cannot be tampered with, hacked, or altered. And it plays a crucial role in digital currencies; it powers the entire crypto world. So in a way, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other coins won’t have value without blockchain.

And now, game developers are well aware of its potential.

Blockchain-based games have two features that make them unique:

  • The integration of crypto assets
  • The integration of NFTs

The use of NFTs is considered a significant step forward. It allows traders to own unique pieces that they can exchange with other members — it can even transfer between two platforms. And similar to real-life economies, you can now earn money from marketplaces within blockchain games.

Can You Earn Money By Playing Blockchain Games?

In a nutshell, yes, you can earn real money by playing blockchain-based games. Some enter the gaming world by becoming investors, which means that they buy gaming accounts. 

On the other hand, real gamers are hired by these investors to play for them, and they split their earnings in whichever way they’ve agreed upon. And because of its high-reward system, some users have made it their full-time jobs.

What Are Some Money-Making Blockchain-Based Games To Try?

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is probably one of the most popular blockchain-based games that took the gaming community by storm in 2020. You’re required to purchase three cute yet powerful Axie monsters to start. Then, you’ll build your team and compete with other teams. If you win a game, you’ll earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP), a form of Ethereum cryptocurrency that you can convert into money.

If you’re looking to make quick money, you can sell and trade Axies with some in-game items. It will increase your funds and strengthen your team, boosting your SLP earnings.

This crypto game is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Its main currency is Ethereum, but it uses a branch called SLP.


Another game you can make money off is CryptoBlades, a roll-based fighting game. The main goal is to earn SKILL points for each battle, and you do this by buying and trading items, weapons, and other in-game products.

The higher your SKILL points are, the more real-life money you can earn and cash out. So if you’re into casual gaming, CryptoBlades’ relaxed and laid-back approach might be a suitable fit.

The more SKILL points you earn, the more money you’ll make. Plus, chill players would appreciate the laid-back approach of CryptoBlades. This crypto game is available on Windows and Android. Its main currency is Binance Coin, and it uses SKILL as its in-game currency.

League of Kingdoms

If you want something more exciting and mentally stimulating, League of Kingdom would be a perfect fit. Again, it’s a strategy game where you need to protect your people’s tower. Only this time, each land is considered as a real estate NFT.

You can even build your towers and reinforce the defense and rewards by purchasing a digital estate within the game. Moreover, you may opt to sell your property to other players — just like real-life real estate deals.

If you’re interested in this blockchain-based game, you can play it on Android, iOS, and any modern browser. It uses Ethereum as its main currency.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an NFT game where you will be your hero. It has its metaverse set in the year 2620, and you’ll need to form strategies to claim various space territories. And, of course, you need to beat opponents and take their land.

Its NFT assets contain ships that you can utilize by jumping from planet to planet. It also includes various structures — mining drills, space stations, and many more that you can use to claim territories. Moreover, it also features NFT collectibles like crew gear, humans, pets, posters, and charms.

It’s readily available on any desktop browser and easily accessible for most players. It uses ATLAS and POLIS as its main crypto assets that you can convert to cash whenever you want.

The Takeaway

 When it comes to playing these blockchain-based games, remember that it’s just like any other form of investment. It comes with certain risks you need to watch out for. But don’t worry because, with enough research and a solid plan, you can find yourself making money while enjoying these games. Just make sure you have a strong internet connection because it can affect your overall income stream.

So, what are you waiting for? You never know what might be in store for you — earn while playing these blockchain-based games or read 1st our guide on how to get Bitcoin for free!

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