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Sammy EHR

There are many pros and cons to choosing Sammy EHR over its competitors. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and HIPAA compliant, but what makes this software stand out above the rest? This article will explain the key features of this EHR, which you should know before making your final decision. Alternatively, you can find out which EHR is best for your practice from a comparison chart. Let’s start with the pros.

User-friendly dashboard

A Sammy EHR user-friendly dashboard is a highly desirable feature for any healthcare practice. It allows users to easily manage patient information, import ultrasound and lab results, and schedule appointments and access patient data. Sammy EHR also offers many compelling features and benefits. Read on to learn more. Listed below are a few of the main features of Sammy EHR. Weighed against similar EHR solutions, Sammy is an outstanding value for your practice.

Sammy EHR is an efficient electronic health record solution that helps medical practices manage their daily activities. It allows doctors and staff to stay on top of patient health and billing information, track staff schedules, and communicate with each other. Users have lauded the Sammy EHR user-friendly dashboard, which provides a clear picture of each employee’s role and workload. Ultimately, it’s an excellent choice for medical practices of all sizes.

Easy to use

The user-friendly Sammy EHR software allows clinicians to easily complete all tasks related to patient health records. It provides a comprehensive overview of practice activities and displays patient data in a patient-friendly format. HIPAA-compliant, Sammy EHR safeguards patient privacy. In addition, Sammy EHR lets users attach images, fax records, and reports to individual patient charts. Moreover, Sammy EHR has a powerful search option that helps clinicians find patient information in the most convenient manner.

Sammy EHR is easy to use and has an array of features that make it an excellent option for a mid-sized or small practice. It also has enhanced patient engagement features that ensure a positive patient experience. Its competitive pricing makes it an excellent choice for small and mid-size practices. It also provides comprehensive features at an affordable cost. Try out the Sammy EHR free for a week to see how the software works.


The HIPAA-compliant technology of Sammy EHR allows you to protect patient privacy. It allows you to attach reports to patient charts, fax patient records, and more. And you can also delegate the technical aspects of patient care to a patient portal. The patient portal provides you with a dashboard of all your patient’s medical data. All of this without compromising privacy. Sammy EHR can help you reduce the number of late arrivals and no-shows in your practice.

Another major advantage of Sammy EHR software is the way it prevents denied claims. By highlighting claim issues before they’re submitted, claims are more likely to be accepted. This means fewer denied claims for your practice and fewer denied claims. Sammy EHR also ensures you get paid faster by verifying your patients’ insurance coverage and eligibility. In short, you’ll never have to worry about missing a claim again.

Easy to customize

Sammy EHR has a robust feature set and comprehensive features that make it a great choice for mid-sized practices. It has advanced patient engagement capabilities and streamlines health information management. It also has a competitive price point. You can request a demo to see how it works. To help you decide, we have summarized some of the pros and cons of this software. You can also read user reviews to see if the features are helpful.

The software features an integrated Patient Portal that allows patients to view appointments and reports. This saves time typing and eliminates errors, which boosts job efficiency. Sammy EMR has a patient portal that allows patients to log in and view their appointments and medical information. The portal also enables you to export data to other software for analysis. The process of importing patient data is easy and fast. It even offers one-click data import and export.

Patient portal

The Sammy EHR patient portal makes it easy for patients to access their health records and book appointments from the convenience of their homes. Patients can now make appointments and view their previous health records from home, reducing the chance of no-shows and late arrivals. Sammy EMR also allows patients to view detailed overviews of their medical history. It also allows them to schedule appointments and view lab results from home, making the entire experience a lot more convenient for everyone.

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The patient portal allows patients to view their medications, view their medical history, and request prescription refills. Sammy EHR is HIPAA-compliant, which means that patients’ private information is protected. Patients can even attach documents such as photographs and reports to their medical records and fax them to any party who needs them. This makes the entire care process easier for everyone involved. The portal also enables patients to interact with their physicians and see discharge reports.

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