Sandwich Maker Buying Guide: What One Should Know?

Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

A sandwich maker is one of the best cooking appliances to have in a kitchen as it is multifunctional and can do a lot more than just delicious sandwiches. If you have a sandwich maker that can also double up as a griller, then you can use it to toast garlic bread, roast chicken and grill vegetables, paneer, chicken and more. Besides these, you can also use this multipurpose appliance for making waffles, pancakes, pizza pockets and a lot more if you are just a little creative and think out of the box. If you are out in the market for buying a sandwich maker for the first time, this guide can help you through.

Types of Sandwich Makers

There are two common types of sandwich makers – the traditional sandwich maker works on stovetop without electricity and the modern sandwich maker works using electricity and has many advanced features. The electric sandwich maker is the most preferred these days due to its multifunctional ability. This type of sandwich maker usually has a variety of functions and temperature settings that allow more flexibility and creativity. 


While there are some sandwich makers with varying power ratings, the most common one is around 700W. With this in mind, it’s crucial to take into consideration the power consumption of your appliance to reduce your electricity bill. Well, an appliance with good power also contributes to preparing meals faster and efficiently. A sandwich maker with 700w is considered the best in saving on electricity bills and prepping your meals faster. 

Non-Stick Plates

When it comes to making sandwiches at home, you need to have the right appliance. A sandwich maker with non-stick ceramic plates is one such appliance. You can make sandwiches, pizza pockets, French toasts, and many other delicacies without worrying about the food getting stuck on the plates. The best part of non-stick plates is that they are easy to clean and maintain.


The size of the sandwich maker is significant when it comes to the number of sandwiches that the appliance can prepare at a time. The ideal sandwich maker for a family is the one that can accommodate an appropriate amount of food. Families that have a large number of members can look for a sandwich maker that can accommodate at least 2-3 sandwiches at a time.


The cost also has to be considered in the equation. Sandwich makers that are priced in the affordable range are always a better choice than the overpriced ones.

Ergonomic Handle 

When buying a sandwich maker choose one with ergonomic handles. This makes sure that your hand doesn’t get burnt while using the appliance.

Automatic Turn Off

An automatic turn-off feature will save you from unfortunate accidents. Once the sandwiches are cooked to perfection, the appliance turns off automatically. So, look for this feature to make your cooking safer and easier. 

Warranty and Durability 

Do a thorough research on the sandwich maker’s warranty and durability. A good sandwich maker will last for several years if used properly. On top of that, you’ll want to see how long the warranty lasts. A company that provides you with a long warranty is sure to sell you a good product. You should also look at reviews of the product to see if it’s worth your money. 
We hope this guide helps you choose the best sandwich maker. At the end of the day, the selection of the best sandwich maker or any other appliance like a dough maker comes down to personal preference and how often you plan on using the appliance.

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