Security Consulting Services

Security of your data and your business against sophisticated cybercriminals with well-funded and sophisticated funds — and while ensuring security compliance requirements — is becoming more challenging each day.

Unisys Strategic consultants are experts in the field who have experienced the same security challenges that you face, and can assist you in moving forward with confidence.

Strategic IT security approach to security allows you to adapt your business and technology with methods, tools and strategies in line with your organization’s tolerance to risk, while continuously advancing to an efficient security strategy.

Security Consulting Services

Secure partners to manage your security risks globally

We’ve had a lot of experience in providing the most effective defenses against the modern threats which clients have mission-critical environments that require.

We are also aware that accidents are bound to happen: Zero-day threats or insider threats, insecure servers, these happen and are not a pleasant reality. The key is to identify and fix these vulnerabilities.

Our strategy is based on:

  • Craft comprehensive incident response plans
  • Implement eDiscovery systems to ensure that the company is ready for legal proceedings
  • Develop a plan that responds to mandatory breach notification
  • Maintain public trust and maintain brand integrity

Our Offering

For our security consultation services, we help you to develop an effective security plan that allows your company to limit the threat to your organization to the acceptable risk level, ensure efficiency as well as comply with the regulatory requirements.

We also help you ensure security throughout the entire supply chain.

Strategic Consulting

We can assist you in securing your information today and help you move your company towards more effective security programs.

Our trusted advisors provide executives with assistance regarding compliance, security strategic planning, strategies for protecting mobile devices, while achieving corporate objectives to lower overhead.

Technical Consulting

We carry out security and vulnerability assessments, together with eDiscovery’s forensic analysis and traffic flow analysis for network slowdowns, older applications security and EDRM for litigation incidents – both incidental and non-incident-related security.

Incident Response

Our solution can help reduce the risk of the risk of network security breaches by combining rapid response times from highly skilled security professionals and solid recovery management strategies with proactive robust systems implementations and business-driven incident response strategies.

Systems Integration

We offer industry-specific knowledge to save you time and money in the best security solutions to safeguard you from security threats.

Work with Unisys to maximize the return on Your Technology Investments

Our experts are dedicated to the highest standards of security We understand the challenges involved in unlocking the potential of the latest technology. Utilize our IT security services to:

  • Plan a strategy for saving funds and reduce budgets by expanding your data center to multiple cloud environments safely.
  • You can ensure the privacy and security for your cloud-based machines on public or private clouds by using Our Cloud Solutions.
  • Learn about the advantages of moving into more responsive platforms using our expert advisors who can help you design the best strategy for your infrastructure that is distributed.
  • Be proactive in identifying intruders to your network, and extend the security of your servers to portable apps and devices.

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