Sell ​​your own or someone else’s e-books with ClickBank


ClickBank is the latest affiliate program we are testing. It is about selling yours or other people’s ebooks as if they were yours. ClickBank provides you with a link to promote a product and you earn commissions for each sale.

Commissions that are quite good, really. For each sale you can get between $20-25, with the advantage that you already have a product. You just need to sell it. Commissions can range between 50% and 75% of the value of each sale. Most ClickBank products are in English, but more and more Spanish-speaking advertisers are joining. The web is in Spanish.

ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate platforms in the world, containing tens of thousands of products to promote as an affiliate. Since 1998, it manages the sale of digital products on the Internet.

What does ClickBank allow you?

With ClickBank you can resell your ebooks or other people’s products and thus earn interesting commissions for each sale. For example: Suppose we have a web page about Bobbin Lace and we want to earn some money selling a product on our website.

We go to ClickBank and select a product ‘How to make bobbin lace – 49 instructional videos’. ClickBank generates a code for us and by inserting that code on our website we promote the product as if it were our own.

Commissions for sales at ClickBank are very high. Selling 4 or 5 books you can earn between €50 and €100. The money from the sales comes to us in the form of a check at intervals of 15 days. After the third payment, if it is available in your country, you can request a bank transfer.

The minimum for sending a check is 10 USD, but I advise you not to put such a low amount. Sending a check costs you 2.5. Have whatever value you have. So you can leave it as default which is 100 USD.

ClickBank is a company located in the USA with an affiliate network of more than 100,000 users with several years of experience in this type of program. Send checks every fortnight to everyone. The country in which the member is located does not matter.

On the other hand, they have introduced a rule whereby they will not send checks to affiliates until they have at least 5 sales.

How does ClickBank work?

Once registered in ClickBank, we do ‘Log In’, that is, we identify ourselves with the data we put in and the email password and we enter the Market. Next, we look for products that sell well. Products that give good commissions and products that have moderate competition.

After performing a search, a series of characteristics appears in green under each product. In the first place, the money that they are going to give us for each sale ($/sale) appears and another of the important values ​​is the gravity value (grav).

Gravity is the number of people promoting that product. What interests us is to find products that are selling well and that give us a high commission. The %/sale data tells us the percentage that we are going to earn from the total price and %refd tells us the percentage of sales generated by affiliates compared to total sales.

Simply by clicking on ‘create HopLink’ we directly obtain our affiliate link. The operation is the same with all products. As simple as that. You just have to know how to choose products.

That is why it is necessary to know what each of the product data in the Market tells you. There are good products and bad products at ClickBank, as anyone can add their own to get affiliate sales. For products in Spanish, gravity greater than 20 is recommended.

The key, which products sell better

Knowing how to choose products on ClickBank is important, and the data mentioned above will help us with that.

Regarding the weight of a product, it is important that it has a significant volume. It means that other affiliates are promoting it because it sells well, but not too much because the competition can affect you.

With this tool, we can calculate the amount that we have left per sale according to the type of price and the % of commission. We will also see the amount that ClickBank and the advertiser receive.

But what products can we sell on ClickBank as an affiliate?

Well, we can sell the products that are focused on our niche or others that are selling well at the moment through “PPC”. It is true that there is not a great variety in our language because the Hispanic market is yet to be exploited compared to the Anglo-Saxon.

But this, at the same time, can have its advantages if you create your own product. Also, lately, there are a lot of Hispanic gurus selling courses and subscriptions. As an affiliate, to choose a product, we will have to see the quality of it, the volume of traffic and the type of offer.

This is important for good results. I usually prefer to integrate ClickBank’s search engine with another one, cb-analytics, which shows me more data, such as:

  • Commission
  • Unique visitors per month
  • PageRank
  • Gravity or weight (the number of affiliates promoting a particular product)
  • weight per week
  • Google organic positioning
  • Google AdWords (by Semrush)


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