SEO consultant? Rocks’ role!

Today, the Internet has taken a very important place in our daily lives. It is necessary for companies to position themselves on the Web in order to promote their products or services and adapt to an increasingly digital world. 75% of Internet users never go beyond the first page of search engines, so good SEO is essential to gain visibility.

The competition is tough and it is necessary to have a good strategy. This is where the role of the SEO consultant comes into play, as it has become an essential part of carving out a place for oneself in the spotlight. Would you like to know the mission of the SEO consultant? Discover the key roles of this Web player.

SEO audit: looking for false notes

It is essential to position yourself well on search engines. Natural referencing cannot be improvised and every detail counts. On the Internet, poor quality content is penalized in favor of the one that brings real added value to the user. To exist on the Net, you need to understand SEO and how to create content that will appeal to algorithms, but also to users. For this, the SEO consultant is the right person to help you. Thanks to his expertise, you will get good visibility. First of all, his job is to analyze your site by performing an SEO audit that includes:

  • the technique (domain name, URL, HTML tags, page load time);
  • editorial content (semantic audit, etc.);
  • the structure (architecture and tree structure of the site);
  • traffic sources, page conversion rate;
  • net linking (backlinks or external links and internal meshing);
  • competition (sites positioned on the same queries, etc.).

This will facilitate the indexing of pages by search engine algorithms. The consultant must show empathy to understand the needs and expectations of his client as well as the context of the site in order to adapt his tailor-made strategy.

These different analyzes will make it possible to identify the factors hindering the good referencing as well as the good visibility of the website. According to Olivier Andrieu, a quality SEO audit is done manually, because automated tools sometimes give risky and standardized results. In SEO, solutions are found through case-by-case analysis, which is difficult with automation.

SEO optimization tips: finding the right deal

After identifying the weak points, but also the strengths of the site, the role of the SEO consultant will be to issue recommendations. For the audit to be of quality and as relevant as possible, the consultant will need:

  • access to the relevant website;
  • Access to Google Search Console.
  • access to an audience measurement tool (e.g., Google Analytics).

Like a conductor, his role will be to find the right score so that the changes made please Judge Google. Thus, promoting a rise on the first page and if possible, in the place of number one. It is important to know that the results will not be visible right away, while the algorithms do their work and take into account the changes. Patience…

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Source: Apixaban

The improvement criteria are classified into three parts, based on:

  • the urgency of the change;
  • the technical difficulty of the change to be made;
  • the time that will take to implement improvements.

Priority will be given to the most urgent tasks with the aim of having the greatest impact on SEO. The client will take care of implementing the recommendations himself if he has the knowledge and time. He may also use a web editor to correct problems related to written content by the professionals writers like ghost writers. The work will have an effect on the duration, because securing the services of an SEO consultant is a long-term investment. As La Fontaine already said:

“There is no point in running; You have to start at the right time. (The Tortoise and the Hare)

Performance analysis and monitoring: the last role of the SEO consultant

The last step for the SEO consultant is to look at the results in order to track the different optimization elements:

  • measuring the conversion rate;
  • traffic measurement;
  • User experience (UX);
  • Analysis of customer behavior on the website…

A good pedagogy with his client is necessary to explain the technical terms as well as the benefits and interests of the actions implemented. He must keep abreast of Google’s new updates in order to adapt his strategy. This is why a periodic SEO watch is recommended to follow the evolution of the visibility of the website and the position of the different pages. Finally, the creation of new unique content on a regular basis is essential to maintain a good positioning on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page: search page generated by Google in response to a query typed by a user).

“One word and all is saved, one word and all is lost.”

Finally, the role of the SEO consultant is decisive in the implementation of a natural referencing strategy. The viability of an online business depends on it, because today, being well placed is essential to exist on the Internet. Fortunately, thanks to it, you will have all the cards in hand to convince the algorithms to raise you to the heights of the Web.

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