Setting Rockspace Extender in an Access Point Mode

Do you think you are not getting required WiFi speed? Well, you are not alone. Most Rockspace users complain about internet fluctuations in remote parts of their houses. In that case, you can set the extender as an access point mode. This will provide you the best internet connectivity along with the fast speed throughout home.

Enabling the access point mode could be a little complex for some. If you find the same, make sure to check the following points. Keep reading.

Enabling Access Point Mode on Rockspace Extender

Turn on Extender

Plug the Rockspace extender to a wall socket. If the extender has a power button, you should press it. Wait for the LED lights to turn solid. Furthermore, you should ensure that the extender is connected to a perfectly working power source. There should not be any power fluctuations throughout the process.

Extender Placement

Another crucial step is to place the Rockspace extender. Usually, WiFi signals emitted from the extender should not be hampered. Hence, the surrounding where you place the extender is always considered. Thus, get rid of objects that could hamper its WiFi signals.

Connect to Router

One of the most important steps of setting access point mode is to connect the extender to the router. You should connect the devices using a wire. In this case, use the Ethernet cable that you got with the extender. Make sure you only use the wired connection. Otherwise, you won’t be receiving the internet connectivity as good as you want.

Open Web Browser

Turn on your computer and launch a web browser. However, it could be a little tricky when it comes to choosing the right web browser. Firstly, it should have the latest version. If not, you should update it before accessing the official web address. Further, remove cookies and cache files for the best results.

Access http //re.rockspace.local

When you open the web browser, get to the address bar and enter http //re.rockspace.local. While doing so, be aware not to commit any typing mistakes. Further, you should turn off the Caps Lock key. Moreover, never enter the web address in the search bar. Keep all these things in check while accessing the web address.

Do Extender Login

The Rockspace extender login page appears after accessing the web address. You need extender login details. If you have not personalized the login details, you can use the default login credentials. Click the login button to access the rockspace wifi extender setup wizard. That is where you will be enabling the access point mode for your extender.

Open Operating Mode

Go to the Operating Mode feature present on the extender dashboard. After that, move to the AP mode settings. There is a Switch Mode button that you need to press after selecting the AP mode feature. That’s it! You have successfully enabled the access point on the Rockspace extender.

Save & Reboot

Save the settings that you just did so that they can apply as soon as possible. In some cases, you might be asked to reboot your extender. If so, go along with the on-screen instructions. However, rebooting the extender might not be necessary for high end extenders.


If the extender restarted, you should access re rockspace.local and do the extender login. You can check there whether the AP mode has been enabled or not. If not, you might have skipped or done something wrong. In that case, you need to redo everything.

With the access point, you enjoy the fast wired internet connection that you can access via wireless devices. In short, there won’t be any internet dead zones.

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